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1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a, III./KG 54(J), "Yellow 3"

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Me 262A-1a, III./KG 54(J), "Yellow 3"


With the end of the Stuka project in sight I figured it was time to decide what to do next (along with finishing the Mk. IV for the D-Day GB).  Decided this would be next "victim".  I bought this one several years ago on Ebay.  The seller stated that "a couple minor assemblies had been put together by an experienced modeler".  On Ebay "experienced modeler" and "pro-built" are really relative terms.  The whole wing had been put together and the fuselage halves joined.  Of course the fuselage halves must be joined after several other sub-assemblies have been inserted.  This was most likely the reason he was selling it, because he got to this point and realized he screwed up.  I managed to pry the fuselage halves apart with only some minor damage to the tail which should be fairly easy to fix.  I also had to remove the rear horizontal stabilizers and will have some repair work there too.  The wing was rather sloppy and will require some minor repairs and touch up but  nothing too bad.  I have the CMK cockpit set so I've began prepping the interior fuselage for the resin inserts.  In addition the cockpit set I have the CMK wheel bay set, Signifier resin wheels and I'll be using Montex masks for the markings.



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