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Opposites group build.

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Hi guys.

Has there ever been an "Opposites " group build? 

I have an idea for a group build in which participants may choose any subject in a large scale. This group build would be open to any subject and nationality. No era or mechanism is denied.

For example, one may wish to build a BoB Spitfire Mk.I in the yellow nosed guise of a Bf 109E,   an F-15 in a Soviet MiG 23 scheme. Tanks,  cars, aeroplanes, ships... All is included.

Has this ever been done? Would it be of interest?

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It could be rebellious, there is so much time in building models, but introducing a "what if factor" could be very divisive, if not fun.
But it does unleash a set of historical outcomes to justify why did they put a Bf 109E yellow nose on that Spitfire.

I think actual history, even though we think we know it, or that, we want to twist it in a way this thread suggests.
it is not, or may not become as odd, or unbelievable as what actually has occurred for some.

I do have some of my own alternative tales, actually they are real histories for me, but maybe at a later time.
They involve 1940's RAF Spitfires at Biggen Hill but with some sad twists, D-Day landings all worthy of any "opposites"
or "sliding doors" tales. There is a lot of US wartime lend lease supply materials, Canadian Spitfire Aces and later Cold War CGHQ
connections, But maybe I'm ranting and off topic.

As I commented, unleashing an  "Opposites", well, a "what if group" could be like blogs, such as:
https://www.secretprojects.co.uk where there are sections like "Theoretical and Speculative Projects"
and "Alternative History and Future Speculation" - It could get out of hand, ie" has anyone built
a 1:32 scale Barnes Wallis (Swallow) SST ?https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/barnes-wallis-swallow-sst.6160/






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