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  1. All the best from Australia Harv, get well soon
  2. Some recent SR-71 postings from Hyperscale Australia http://hyperscale.com/2021/galleries/sr71arevell48dw_1.htm
  3. On an update.. has anyone seen this long and detailed B-52H walk around video? https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/42703/this-is-the-most-incredible-tour-of-a-b-52-stratofortress-we-have-ever-seen Has anyone built ( or received ) that 1/48 scale B-52, or has there ever been a 1/32 version!!
  4. Heat exchange, without any diplomatic acceptance.
  5. I like the choice of Doom Bar for a beer, although growing up in Cornwall is probably a factor here. Fantastic work watching this build. Regards Iain
  6. Pity most are in resin, but then, we are now getting more used to wearing ppe masks and hazmat suits.
  7. Has anyone build any of these resin models? https://www.redironmodels.com/EN_models.html I've only just come across this model website after seeing a review on the 1/24th Sputnik ( in plastic ) https://www.redironmodels.com/RIM24001_EN.html
  8. Yes you are right.. It's an oddity that was probably never going to find a role other than high altitude research. Saw this pic on a Facebook blog, of the Westland factory at Yeovil in Somerset. ..the Luftwaffe stopped high-altutude Ju86 flights over the UK in 194r2 or 1943 following a couple of interceptions, so the operational need for the Welkin vanished. Add to that some hairy flying characteristics at high altitude, and you're running out of reasons to use it very fast.
  9. Would this model work as a base for a high altitude Westland Welkin? re ( apologies to Brent Green ) for the comparison shot borrowed from a 2003 page at http://hsfeatures.com/welkintc_1.htm
  10. My son in law, ( pic attached below 3rd from left next to Tower Beefeater ) has had a busy two weeks at the Honourable Artillery Company in London (HAC) If you ever wondered how they go about all these salutes, this was posted back in 2018 Regards to all, Iain
  11. Has anyone built a 1/32 RAAF Mirage III? Just chasing these google leads Built in Australia as a Mirage IIIO(F) and delivered to the RAAF on 1 Aug 1966. Served with 75 Sqn at Butterworth, Malaysia, then 77 Sqn whose 'Grumpy Monkey' Korean Lion markings it presently wears. Retired with 4015 hours Oct 1987 to RAAF School of Technical Training, Wagga Wagga. Became part of the Museum collection at Wangaratta, then to a private owner at Essendon for restoration to fly. In 2015 to HARS for restoration to taxying condition. Being positioned here for static display at WOI 16. and http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dassault Mirage IIID Walkaround A3-102 RAAF Fighter World 2014/content/index.html Did Australia ever build them locally under licence ?
  12. Just to compound the Aussie stereotype comment.. "Now this is Truck".. it helps having a UHF radio in the ute when overtaking, as in..
  13. I've just got around to reading this book, its not huge, its probably not widely available but Chad could have been my Uncle. https://www.chadburn.org/squadron-history/chadburn-squadron/the-angel/
  14. We all eagerly await ( actually envious of your scratch building skills ) just to see how to build a Stiriling in 1/32
  15. There would be no off the shelf parts to model this monster. If you have a look at the images taken by Lanasator https://www.instagram.com/lanasator/feed/ and find her shots of the Ekranoplan she took beached on the shoreline. There are also interior shots ! Looks like this was the MD-160 Lun-class ekranoplan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lun-class_ekranoplan
  16. I remember enjoying building the 1/72 version back in the late 60's
  17. Could that have been a result of a heavy landing buckling the fuselage? I doubt that AA could do that without pepering the hull with holes, regards Iain
  18. Interesting rippling along the fuselage, I haven't seen many like this one, maybe most WW2 images had almost factory fresh deliveries although its noted that this B-29 has been damaged https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/b-29/boeing-b-29-superfortress-damaged-tinian/
  19. Marry Christmas to All.. I ve given this model for a Secret Santa present to a young modeller in the family, probably wildly ambitious, but he does love tank models. Has anyone modelled this one. The Rye Field Model 1/35 M1A1/A2 Abrams w/ Full Interior ? https://modelingmadness.com/review/misc/vehicles/previews/rfm/5007.htm https://www.super-hobby.com/products/M1A1-A2-Abrams-with-Full-Interior.html Australia fields some US Abrams, so I'll try to track down some Aussie paint suggestions too. Regards Iain
  20. I wish they could get the rights to inject the WNW Lancaster..
  21. There's no, if not many, 1/32 production models of a B-29. Has anyone got and links to built models. This URL is a great tour of through the fuselage. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=Qa3Lu8iPfHW&fbclid=IwAR3bPGgdDVW-Pu0Nx1PvVN-VwXgkTfQofqcNpUab_pSKUJrji-1nhTs__iU
  22. I haven't seen this until your post now, but I grew up with my Father and many relatives with their lives tied up in WW2, and be them American, Canadian or British ( and all the other involved national forces on every side ) I still respect and honour hearing personal histories, especially the ones I have been lucky enough to have never lived through, but could, on hearing such history, imagine how I should have, if I were in their times.
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