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  1. Have you found moulding flow results in anything reproduced on post painted surfaces?
  2. Your #217 “Yellow Submarine” shot looks like a converted Grand Slam bomber, with unfortunately added portholes. Your #104 Lanc looks like they just covered over the turret shape and not removed it. Any reason why your #104 glasshouse cockpit had so much white coverage added, was it for any blackout required for instruments?
  3. I met one of the camera crew on those helicopters hovering over Chernobyl, she was a Red Army officer. She managed to get out of Russia during the post soviet collapse in the 90's , but by the 2000's she was battling a cancer diagnosis.
  4. $1.45 a litre in Sydney this Easter.. funny how all the world conspires to be the reason behind why the fuel companies put up the prices suddenly for the holiday periods.
  5. Envious of all these bottle pouring shots.. so here is something you can all be envious of from my end of the world. this is the view out of my new office window, apologies for the rushed stitching, ( I knew I should have done a pano shot ) Anyway - this is can be double envy as I can now commute by the Manly Ferry ( between the 2 arrows ) Oh, and if you haven't realised. Aussies can and do drink. I'm sure we would try to get that proposed for an Olympic event if we could.
  6. "If you don't stop asking me if we are nearly there yet, I will turn this bus round; and none of you will get to see Salisbury cathedral. Do you hear me?"
  7. How do you achieve the stress / deformation on the panels?
  8. I guess this is the ultimate end hobby for some. This is the 3rd Ardmore workshop Mosquito restoration/rebuild being flown in NZ. Do you think Wingnut Wings will do a Mossie to accompany that anticipated detailed Lanc? Seems Avspecs have their hands on all those DH microfilm plans.
  9. Or add some extra red paint, just to make a few roundrel adjustment
  10. Has anyone ever found any scale models to build the larger D-Day LST craft?
  11. How big do you think a 1/32 scale would be in wingspan (and wing warp prevention) ?. You certainly see how long and narrow those wings were. I never realised, unless I'm wrong, that the ailerons, for such an advanced craft, were still fabric covered?
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