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  1. Looks like it was from that early Spielberg movie "Duel"
  2. Damm, I relented and bid for an eBay WnW late Felixstowe and won it for US $465.00 which is less that the last ebay Felixestowe. But I really should have seen your email first. Its the trouble of being on the other side of the world & time zone. I'm tempted to keep this Felixstowe in its box and bank it as a WnW relic. But many thanks for the offer Hubert.
  3. Would love to do the Vulcan, and a Victor it gets into production. but I'm not seeing much internal details, and or how they handle the glazed surfaces. They may be just like those big airline models we all were fascinated with in the big end of town shop fronts.
  4. Thanks, But like quite a few shop sites, they have the models on their searchable lists, but "backorder" is usually the proviso. Am I wrong that that really means not in stock, as in out of stock. By the sounds of WNW. we may have to wait for production to start from some other company. One that purchases their metal sprue dies. So all the plastic was cast with them in Asia, and all the transfers were made in Italy. the design team in NZ are all redundant and no sign yet of someone who may buy up the pieces.. it seems there is those two new Lanc moulds just waiting top press. So maybe its going to be a waiting game. But its bonanza time on eBay. What would cost the AU$600 here locally is close to getting AU$1000 for eBay sellers. I'd like to build the model not keep it unopened in the box as an investment.
  5. While we all need some cheer, Just remembering Spike Milligan. Spike spent the last years of his life living just North of Sydney in Woy Woy. I recall reading his wartime memoir back in the late 70's "Adolf Hitler my part in his downfall" and I found this odd facebook meme below that's suitably Spike's humour.
  6. Thanks everyone, I better brush up on handling resin parts, but I guess that we are all now used to washing our hands much much more these days
  7. TJTX That book I quoted, was quite an explanation to me as I toured Laos, as to how complex the situation was in Laos back during the 60's/70's. The US inherited many mobilised Hmong Laos from the French, using that 3 way divisions with the Laos ethnic split. The top being the richer lowland Laos and the other 2 are the most marginalised Hmong and Khmer ( Hmong sources from the North China/Russia and khmer from the South/Cambodia ) That and the King of Laos, with his 3 sons , the 3 Princes were intended to form a coalition in 1962, each one representing Royalist Laos, Neutralist, and Communist Laos. None acceptable to the US, Russian and Chinese power struggles then. The US involvement then, through the book was obviously aimed at the Vietnamese problem, but used and trained the Hmong to fly, like pilots like Lee Lue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Lue The US also has a strange bunch of volunteer flyers, flying with exceptional skill, all un-uniforned, flying through heavy ground fire to identify targets. The book shows all sides and makes any judgement difficult as to what was right and wrong through the Laos side of the conflict. It ends with only some of the Hmong pilot families getting a fraught passage to leave their homeland to set up a new life in the USA.
  8. Great photography along with great modelling, so inspiring !!
  9. Has anyone built any models from Accurate Armour? I've discovered they have a 1/35 scale Alvis Stalwart ( actually 3 versions it seems, or maybe 2 past versions ) https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/135th-complete-kits/k160 has anyone built one, or one of their model range? Regards Iain
  10. Hi, have you seen this link to the Trojans from Laos ( where they classed as T-28s? )They are not the VNAF T-28s but those of the RLAF They also get mentioned in The Ravens (Pilots of the Secret War of Laos) by Christopher Robbins. I managed to buy a copy when travelling through Laos. It explains the complexities of all the political and ethnic spits in Laos, during that era, and of the Hmong pilots who flew the Trojans. http://www.t28trojanfoundation.com/aussies.html
  11. Does anyone know of, or have a Felixstowe F.2a (late) for sale ?? or is someone going to tell me "*Your dreaming". *An Aussie movie joke.
  12. As a teen, I always harboured thoughts to join the RAF. I knew I could never aspire to fly fighters, but being on a RAF C-130 Herc, in any form, was my dream. I had a great mentor "Reg" who was on old Cornish beach lifeguard, who told me not to join up, and concentrate on my art course application, which I did. I realise later Reg had lost his older brother in WW2. Lancaster ND-559 crashed in Molenaarsgraaf on the night of 21 / 22 May 1944. https://2ndww.blogspot.com/2006/07/what-happened-at-molenaarsgraaf.html. But, i had the great fortune to have a father who was in the Royal Navy and to hear about his many ships, and D-Day experiences. ( see pic with one of his US built RN LST-165 on probably Gold or Sword Beach in the background. More recent good fortune had me back in London for my daughter Imogen's wedding to Matt. Matt completed 2 tours of Afghanistan as a Artillery Captain. He also, along with some of his colleagues on either side below, wear the Para insignia and beret. Matt notched up a multiple jumps from those RAF C-130 Hercs.
  13. Has anyone ever produced a 1/32 F-111 ? I ca see many 1/48 scale versions, like this Academy Model Kit 1/48 Scale RAAF F-111C
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