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  1. IainMackayDall

    I guess its time to say hello!

    Welcome from Manly Beach, Sydney
  2. IainMackayDall

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    How do you achieve the stress / deformation on the panels?
  3. IainMackayDall

    Off topic.. a 1/1 Mosquito NZ restoration

    Or a Wingnut Wings Short Sutherland..
  4. I guess this is the ultimate end hobby for some. This is the 3rd Ardmore workshop Mosquito restoration/rebuild being flown in NZ. Do you think Wingnut Wings will do a Mossie to accompany that anticipated detailed Lanc? Seems Avspecs have their hands on all those DH microfilm plans.
  5. IainMackayDall

    NAMES UNDER XH558's WING...Harvey and recon .....

    Or add some extra red paint, just to make a few roundrel adjustment
  6. IainMackayDall

    Airfix is planning new Hellcat in 1/24 !

    I'm appreciating the skin stressing here..
  7. IainMackayDall

    Italeri LCM3 landing craft w/Tasca Firefly Vc

    Has anyone ever found any scale models to build the larger D-Day LST craft?
  8. IainMackayDall

    Building Revell's 1/48 B-29

    How big do you think a 1/32 scale would be in wingspan (and wing warp prevention) ?. You certainly see how long and narrow those wings were. I never realised, unless I'm wrong, that the ailerons, for such an advanced craft, were still fabric covered?
  9. IainMackayDall

    HPH B-36

    Very envious, but I presume its a 1/48 scale. If it were at 1/32 would the box fit through any door?
  10. IainMackayDall

    HPH model 1/48 scale B-36 Peacemaker !

    Well Australia had ideas to acquire nuclear strike force Avro Vulcans. But its only New Zealand that manage to trick the RAF with this stunt. http://www.avrovulcan.org.uk/vulcan_people/562_kiwi.htm
  11. IainMackayDall

    Need hugs

    Sorry to hear that you lost your Brother, Hugs too again from down here (Sydney) Iain
  12. IainMackayDall

    Modelling explosions

    Modeller Lee Won-hui reproduced the scene of a torpedo attack and explosion underwater. http://www.enlargeify.com/jb2b9f9LAWw
  13. IainMackayDall

    HPH model 1/48 scale B-36 Peacemaker !

    Apologies for this - it seems to be a webpage from the 3rd Nov last year. I can see from some Facebook comments that only 100 were ever made. Did anyone ever buy or see one constructed?