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  1. I found this from a year ago.. Has anyone heard of any progress on it?
  2. I'd also ask him "how's the progress on that Dambusters movie, did Stephen Fry write the script?
  3. Do you realise how big a Huntsman Spider is here in Australia. ( about a 1/48 scale version, if a Tarantella is a 1/16 scale .. ie I'm guessing but if you are scared of spiders they are pretty big, but less than half as big as a Tarantella ) They are for us humans harmless, but they do like to disguise themselves ( badly ) as hanging pottery, cuts or plates etc. They also travel in pairs.. as in, if you remove one there other partner is close by. Often experienced whilst driving in a car, they may suddenly rush out across your windscreen.. not to bad if they are on the outside, more often than not, they are on the inside !!
  4. RIP to a C-130 crew here in Australia, these experienced volunteers, flying a Coulson C-130 water fire bomber during our unprecedented conditions, would have had to battle severe flying conditions, flying so low over such targets this season is bravery in itself. All of Australia has realised this tragic crew loss. Today, we still have US and Canadian volunteers firefighters arriving here to battle our conditions. I do so hope we can return the same when needed. The NSW RFS mourns the loss of the three crewmembers, killed in yesterday's Large Air Tanker crash. Our thoughts are with their families, fellow crewmembers and the broader emergency services family that knew and worked with them
  5. never realised that the 6 engined Nakajima G10N has contra rotating props!! an demanding resource for them to build, did any other Japanese aircraft use such engines?
  6. Has anyone modelled, or is there a ever a 1/32 build of the larger Japanese medium bombers, like the ones that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto flew in (Mitsubishi G4M Betty) 1/48 ref URL: https://hobbycom.jp/my/351c960165/diaries/31268 plus an obvious pairing for a P-38 out from Bougainville. The documentation at https://www.pacificwrecks.com has always tempted me to try to visit some of the forgotten airfields in the Solomon Islands. ( although not to collect anything there, just witness what's been left for so long ) I've dived on wrecked ships with that incredible water visibility in the Solomon Islands, but never realised when I was there, what was still hidden on these islands. https://www.pacificwrecks.com/airfields/solomons/ballale/salvage.html and http://warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/wwii-japanese-aircraft-wrecks-salvaged-at-balalae.html
  7. Hi, i'm assuming that there are no production versions of a 1/32 Hercules? I did find some custom builds online like these http://uncleles.net/2018/05/08/1-32-raaf-c-130h-hercules-maybe-a-redux-is-due/ Also, Lockheed seems to be sprouting a range of uses, other than just palette haulers ie: http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/naval-exhibitions/dsei-2015-naval-show-daily-news/3113-lockheed-sees-its-sc-130j-sea-herc-as-the-affordable-solution-to-answer-uk-future-mpa-needs.html A C-130 gunship would be great to build, or even a palette hauler, modellers could combine armour with aircraft quite justifiably here. On modelling big, even a 1/72 C-4 Galaxy or C-17 would fill a shelf, and I have yet to see any accessory models like an Oshkosh 40K Air Cargo Loader However, I did find a 1/9 scale C-17 (R/C) http://www.gsal.org/Photos/c17/c17.htm that would require a double garage to house
  8. il-28 Beagle I've not seen anything bigger than 1/48. Although I do remember building one from an Airfix kit in the UK ( see era box lid )
  9. Good suggestion, making the point that, one could be a serial philanderer chasing multiple girls in bars and clubs, or alternately one could be a serial collectors not going out frequenting bars but frequently chasing model kits from the shed / basement or garage.. I'll have to try that one.. but may need carefully re-wording.
  10. Here you go, not forgotten, but the accents are almost unrecognisable now. Regards Iain Moustaches combed √ Pipe tobacco check √ Tea and biccies √ Russian phrase book if shot down √
  11. If anyone is into 3d printing I have a great model I commissioned from Milviz https://milviz.com/flight/index.php it was not built for any flight sim, we could not get anyone into a cockpit back in 2010, and the model did get used in a 2011 publication front cover by Andrew Brookes. (The 3D model copy I have is in .FBX, .max, .DAE .c4d )
  12. Yes wing root intakes, must be a pain to build, but they look so streamlined and still futuristic. There are some on Facebook making 1/48 3d laser print builds of various V-Bombers, and showing their work at https://www.facebook.com/groups/vulcanvictorvaliant/ Rikki Wolfe
  13. You either hate it, or love this one, for me it's the latter, even after they added all those refuelling pods and Küchemann carrot bulges on the wings.
  14. In Particular any of the Caspian Sea Monsters.. The video ends in an ad, but the content is intriguing.
  15. I've found some links online, but there are only a few still working from when I first looked. If anyone has any more they would be most appreciated. http://www3.sympatico.ca/angels_eight/421black.html https://electricscotland.com/history/articles/ruckbie9.htm http://aircrewremembered.com/thorne-edward-lefferts.html https://www.chadburn.org/squadron-history/wing-commander-chadburn/ this last one has a video buried at the end of the page that shows at the end Chadburn as the middle of 3 pilots. Chadburn-Video.mp4
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