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First model in 20 years, 100% hand painted

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Hi guys, so I'm back in the hobby after about 20 years, unbelievable how the hobby have changed in those years can't believe it! There is an air force base near where I live so I see F/A-18 almost every day so I decided to go with the Revell 1/48 F-18 to start it off. I did not want to wheter it too mutch as I think the ''too pronunced panel wash'' makes it kind of cartoonish and unrealistic, so went with another technique. I also don't own an airbrush so I did the best I could with what I saw on the net and here is the result, nowhere near the ones I did back in the days but still not as perfect as I would have liked so I have some questions:


1- What technique do you use to hand brush your models (For those who still do it lol) Primer or no primer, thin the paint a lot or not that much, what brush to use.. etc

2- Do you have some tricks or anything else that helps for filling, sanding, wheathering etc..

3- I'm hopened to criticism so any tips or advice or anything on everything that could help would be much appreciated!!




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