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DUXFORD IWM. Temporary closure .

MARU 5137

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Hello Harv...

pretty good so far. thank you.

seeing people panic  buying and  hoarding.:police:

you not coming  to San Marcos  if it goes ahead. ??

not sure what to do simply because USA has put a block on travel from UK  and Ireland; and so how long that block lasts  is anyone's guess.


I was hoping I would have the Aircraft  ALL TO MYSELF if everyone kept away ...:hsmack:

I had an e mail from the hotel's CEO reassuring that they have gotten health and sanitizing in progress and welfare of their guests is important.


they even go as far as to say if anyone wants to cancel their rooms they will waivervtge cancellation fees.


SO we will see... if I come and they ask what's MY purpose for the trip... I am going to say MY friend Ernie inTexas is getting married in his backyard!


and I can't miss that as hes been planning it for several years !!!:





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We are good so far dear. Yes, we are still planning on going.  Talked to Mike the other night. I wonder if Cupcake will have white lightning at his "wedding" ?......harv

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