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Quarantine Stress Relief - Eduard 1/48 SBD-5


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So I’ve loved the SBD Dauntless in all its iterations since I first read about the Battle of Midway...

Long-term, I want to build a 1/32 set of the various aircraft involved in the battle.

For now, though, I have the 1/48 Eduard SBD-5 Special Edition, which is kinda fun. It’s a later version than the SBD-3s from Midway but it at least gives me a fix and a break from daily Corona-news-itis 

I haven’t decided which specific aircraft  to build, but it will be one of the versions in the box.  There’s enough PE and resin in the kit already, so I decided to go strictly out-of-box

I have most of the interior done, over the span of a few odd hours here and there over the last two weeks.  Assembling the interior panels will be kinda tricky, so I’ll use mostly canopy cement to get things located then lock it down with CA where needed.







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28 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Wow, didn’t even know they did Dauntless.........looking really neat and tidy build.........maybe tempted :popcorn:

It’s a nice kit - got it at my LHS late last year, and it’s been a nice build so far.

excepting some PE bits that are too small for even my smallest tweezers to handle effectively!

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