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B-24D AM


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I am starting to collect the am I will  need for my project. I noticed brassin has 2 wheel sets out there, which one would be correct an 8 or 9 hole front wheel?

I am looking at their masking set but it does not say if it is for a D or J?
I know what kits world decal set I am getting (sleepy).

Thanks for your assistance,


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Check DN Models, they have several masking sets.

i know the later B-24 (j) used 8 spoke wheels, but I’m not sure what the early D’s used. However, the wheels used could have varied by manufacturing plant and not model. The B-24 is the most difficult plane to determine what is correct because it was put together from so many places and sources, and often changed in the field. A whole set of procurement laws were put in lace after the war because of the B-24 parts debacle. You also have to remember that these were not F-15 Eagles, they were built en-mass for the fastest production, to somewhat “loose” standards. The expected lifespan of these airplanes were 25-50 missions. Many were so tired after the war ended that they were just left or dumped. They earned their name as “Consolidated Mess!” 

So the only answer to your question, try to find pictures of the plane you are building and figure out what parts were installed on it.

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