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F/A-18 C BuNo 164264


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Hi guys. For my first build on here, I'm going to attempt to build (and finish!) Academy's wonderful kit. I've previously built one of these OOB for a friend of mine, so I've got a pretty good handle on some of the kits pitfalls. These one will be fairly heavily modified as I've amassed a fairly substantial amount of AM goodies for it.


Finished product will be BuNo 164264 VMFA-122 Werewolves commanders plane.


Here's the obligatory goody picture...




Full list of goodies..

-Aires exhaust nozzles (will only be using the innards of this one..will be scratch building the petals due to the resin part being way under-sized)

-Aires wheel bays

-Aires cockpit set

-black box cockpit set (late). Will be using parts of both of these.

-Eduard interior, exterior, mesh set, armament, and ejectIon seat details

-Legend SJU-17 seats (according to Dave Roof, these are the most accurate)

-D-Mold or Seamless suckers intakes.. Gonna try both out and see which ones I like best.

-F-4Dable models chaff/flare dispenser set. Necessary for late model Hornets as it updates to the dual chaff/flare suite and adds the scoops on the gear bay doors.

-Two-Bobs decal sheet

-DACO publications book on the Hornet as well as walk-around pics I took of a late model hornet that I took at a Seymour Johnson air show a couple years ago for reference. I'll be posting my ref pics during the build for you guys to copy if you want them.


This will be a fairly slow build as work is keeping me extremely busy at the moment, but I'd like to finish it in 6 months or so for my LHS modeling contest this fall. I welcome all criticism and help along the way!


Cheers guys,


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