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Looks like the party is over


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I report back to work on Monday morning.  At least I built the Fisher Guppy and built the Skyhawk Blue Angel and got it ready for paint.  Hopefully I can get it painted over the weekend.  

But we’re prepping to start streaming classes so they can stagger students where half are in class, half are in their dorm or home watching. Students will attend one day on, one day off.   Going to be an interesting year!

EDIT: And with all the yard work Ive been doing, this cannot have come soon enough!

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Thanks Maru.  But think grown up kids.  I work at a University.  Now that we have come up with a plan, all of a sudden there is no money.  While our state counterpart/competitor/arch enemy came up with the same plan, got funding and gear has been on order for over two weeks.   Seems no one at this place wants to own up to making a decision.  And to add to the game plan, our business office shuts down on 6/9 for the fiscal year until 7/5.  Also a new Provost coming in on July 1.  So the interim Provost is just there to draw a paycheck I guess. 

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