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Vallejo Masking Tape VS.Tamiya


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Hi everyone,

     Seems that all kabuki tapes are not created equal.  Some stuff that I bought that wasn't Tamiya has proved to leave a lot of residue where I didn't want any.  Sadly....  everywhere I look in Australia, the bigger widths of Tamiya tape are out of stock.  Have any of you tried the Vallejo brand?  Thoughts?  Recommendations?  This roll of U-star yellow tape is going to be binned.


Thanks for your thoughts!



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I haven't tried Vallejo tape yet.  

Maybe try the Mr Masking tape from Gunze? BNA seems to have that in stock. 

I found Blue Dolphin masking tape at the local housepaint shop.  I've used it on some builds with no issues. Best part it was less than $10 for an inch wide roll. 



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