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  1. Peter hang in there buddy. You are doing an awesome job and will (like others have said) will have a lovely looking model in the end. What I see so far is stunning, I know you will turn this into another masterpiece!
  2. I agree with @Peterpools just lovely! All of your persistence and attention to detail and surface finish will definitely pay off in the end. It's true, all the work is in the prep. Keep it up, love this Cheers Anthony
  3. Awesome work there, truly one of the most detailed explanations of assembly of the Hasegawa kit. Shame about the canvas covers as I have those too....hmmm Great inspiration Cheers Anthony
  4. Beautiful meticulous work Nick! I love your attention to details and getting them right, well done and am feeling inspired to get back to my one!
  5. Here you go Photo is Derek Bradshaw's
  6. Hahaha....shouldnt be too difficult mate! I have seen snails overtake me on my builds! I have some canopies coming too, so pleased he Ali did them!
  7. Awwww Peter it is so nice to see you back at the bench and active again, you were missed my friend! A stunning start to your Sufa...but then we have come to expect that from you, bravo my friend!
  8. Brilliant! That looks much better. Keep up the great work Harv, love what you are doing here!
  9. Looks great Harv Although I dont know much about F-16's, they are one of my favorite jets. I had to do a google to see how what you made compares with photos and I think you have actually done a really really great job capturing the shape and size. Only one thing after looking at photos I might suggest, is thinning the mounting plate down a little. Not a criticism at all, just a genuine response to your question. Otherwise bravo buddy....great job! I will enjoy following along....and try to resist buying a kit, I got my own Phantom to finish first! Cheers Anthony
  10. Brilliant, love the Sharkmouth! Excellent modelling skills as well of course
  11. Wow they came out really nice...something I dread
  12. Really coming to life now Cees...Amazing how decals bring a whole new dimension to the model. Beautiful!
  13. Yep, brilliant work there Cees..... there is nothing not to love with this build! I will be sad to see it finish as I get a lot from each update. I am sure you will be pleased though Great work buddy!
  14. Well from where I am sitting it looks pretty darn awesome....errrrr I mean, no it doesn't. Give in and send it to me... Seriously though mate, we dont see your struggles, only the results of your struggles. She really looks the part now with the tailplanes and decals on. You are nailing it buddy. Dont give in just yet, wait until the clearcoat is on and it's on your shelf...then give in! Or send it to me...either way is a good outcome
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