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  1. I would say an early FGR.2 means you could get away with it, seems like they slowly filtered through the program. Who's to say whether it did or didnt have it at the time you chose to model her. Great work Cees, thats some tricky surgery, and I am like you planning using the kit inner engine parts for depth as well, they actually look practically the same as the Spey waaay back in there Good show! This is exactly where I am working at the moment too... Just what I needed
  2. Cees, I have been researching XV571, the Airframe I am doing, and it seems (I could be wrong of course) that 43 Sqn (black and white checks) only ever operated FG.1's not FGR.2's Maybe someone can confirm?
  3. Not an easy question to answer. Yes they all seem to have ended up with them in the end. This should answer all your questions https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235067502-phantom-fgr2-reinforcement-plates/ HTH Anthony
  4. Wow, I am so jealous you have made it this far, when I am still floundering! Great and inspiring work buddy, absolutely love it! Are you going to put the doubler/strengthening plates along the lower spar section?
  5. Wow, that's awesome! Keep up the great work, love this!
  6. Thanks! I will need to stick with my Tamiya one then.....cheers
  7. Hmm, that's interesting. I wasnt aware the Tamiya hook was too short? Is it too short for the Revell kit, or actually too short? I must look into this. Brilliant stuff cees, the puzzle (literally) is coming together....love it
  8. Yep, sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. Good choice to do the surgery up there and keep that wing-fuse join tidy...good stuff.
  9. Man that looks good, those intakes look spot on size wise now...really well done! I just checked for you, I am sorry, no there are only the smaller Low-Viz ones that I will be using.... Keep the great work coming buddy, I just love this!
  10. Thats a great idea! Then you can really get in and sort those intakes out. Love 43 too, I'm doing the CO's aircraft in the overall greys and checkers on the fin only
  11. Yep, that sure is looking good mate. So an FGR.2 aye? Nice choice, What scheme have you decided on...or not yet? Keep it up, I need this build to keep me going too Cheers buddy Anthony
  12. My word, she has really gained the look of a Brit Toom.....I can really see the differences, more Brit than US now... Good show
  13. Nice one.... working with an airframe at this point is the part I love Keep it up Cees, loving this
  14. That looks like a tricky fix Cees....any ideas how to fix it?
  15. Another great update Cees, are you going to close the gap up between the engines at the back? I am thinking no one will ever know.... I have been a little sidetracked this weekend I promise to get back to the phantom soon!
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