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  1. Well John, that's my favorite build of yours to date....just LOVE it! Beautifully executed, colours are spot on and nice exhaust staining.....awesome!
  2. Well you have helped me out buddy, and I really appreciated it!
  3. Totally loving this build Ernie!! Awesome work buddy
  4. That looks better than the kit one...good call!
  5. Oh my John, that's looking stunning mate...absolutely beautiful!!!
  6. Hmmm, good point! Never noticed that before, thanks John! Upon reflection, yes of course as all the others were!
  7. See how dark the blue used to be. Although this is not 'Gloria' I agree, its a shame her wings are outside, but at least she is a survivor!
  8. She likely had the green patches on the wings when still in the Islands, but cant be 100% positive on that, this is NZ3264
  9. No don't do that John, that was when she arrived back in NZ and got repainted and displayed around the country, the gave her 'FE' Sqn codes as well, don't replicate those either
  10. As I said, not very exciting... Cant remember which set of wings he said were Glorias (but they are her originals he said), pretty sure they were the lower ones. Remember she had been repainted here so the original Grey is the one you want to look at not the duck egg blue-ish colour Also note again, Foliage Green was sprayed over the upper surfaces, so hard to see the original greens properly Repainted and faded roundels... Wheel well canvas liners... I thought I had some more of her in the Islands, will have another look as they are ptobably in a wrong folder somewhere! Hope they are of some interest Cheers Anthony
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