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  1. Excellent choice John! This particular combat vet still survives at a property about 4 1/2 hours drive from me. An elderly gent owns it along with another P-40E, Dh Mosquito, Mustang etc.... All in a big shed. Unfortunately her wings are stacked outside, but you can se the battle repair patches still on her! I will definitely be following along, I have thought of doing this particular bird too Cheers Anthony
  2. Yes I think Mike has discovered he has quite a talent at making stuff now! She is going to be an Awesome Lanc when finished!
  3. Oh boy Peter, this is going to be awesome sir! Great start, you have an avid follower here Cheeers Anthony
  4. Awesome project, and as always Martin just finds those obscure images that we never knew existed! Civvie Mustangs are awesome, I have one to build as the MOBIL Mustang that was here in NZ for the family who used to own it. Look forward to your progress Cheers Anthony
  5. This is Epic Martin! Love the Beau and especially love what you are doing. I read somewhere there is a highly detailed cockpit set in the making (by Model Monkey??) Anyway keep up the awesome work, I totally love builds like this!
  6. Great job Ernie! Love that fin scheme on that F-5F....really nice buddy. Don't think you can get away with just calling yourself a prop guy now! Cheers Anthony
  7. Hi John, might we see a WIP on this? Just love the Avenger, I have some spares as well as mine will be an RNZAF TBF-1 Target Tug and so wont need any turret parts, in case you stuff anything LOL I have just filled all the rivet holes in my fuselage, however I am not sure it was worth all that effort in the end. Nothing a heavy coat of Mr Surfacer sanded back wouldn't have sorted....oh well
  8. Wonderful work John! Might we see an RNZAF one sometime?? Keep up the inspiring job mate
  9. Oh here she is today... She still needs some tlc, but at least we have got her under cover now and can continue to deal with the last bits of corrosion
  10. I really love the HpH kit and am still thinking of converting her to this....VX-6 This is the actual bird at the local museum I volunteer at so I can measure up the nose and ski's. Cant afford 2 HpH kits so I will have to think long and hard before I cut the nose off LOL
  11. Cees, I totally am loving your work on this! This is the sort of modelling and conversions I enjoy. Keep up the brilliant work, I love each update and the ensuing discussions Cheers Anthony
  12. I just remembered looking at the kit again why I stopped....I got sick of folding up the Eduard baffles around the cylinders.....
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