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  1. Ooooh, I remember that, I was enjoying that WIP! Any updates John?
  2. LOL.....there's probably med's for it!
  3. This will be great, might be just what I need to crack on with my Tamiya Trainer conversion or my 24th Airfix one as well....
  4. LOL, pleasure mate! Its a community of sharing information, that's what makes it so great. It's always a pleasure to help fellow modelers, especially on the Mosquito for me, as I have had a lot to do with them over the years. As well as working extensively with Tamiya (and several others of course) to do the 32nd kit, I have a real love for them. Cheers Anthony
  5. It's up to you really after looking at the photo's. Personally I have put them on as I feel in 24th it's warranted. However I sanded mine down very thin, sprayed Mr surfacer heavily on the edges then used a sanding sponge to blend it all in. Your call, really...
  6. Ron, Jeff is correct when it comes to early production wings, I have the mod sheets somewhere that stipulates adding this ply weather strip and how much to feather the edges before applying the fabric strip. These illustrate. I havent used restored examples to illustrate. Hope this dosent add too much to your confusion LOL Note the tops of the bolts for RP rail stub on top of that weather strip on the photo of the top wing on the RNZAF Mosquito. The red circle shows the lack of blending on many examples
  7. Awesome Cees, I just love your work and challenging projects. I cant imaging there will be many people do what you have done with their HK Lanc's. Keep up the great work
  8. Hey Ron, I have just spent 3/4 of an hour going through my Mossie kit/box and cant find the other spare shroud set I had. I have given lots of stuff away over the years, I guess I did the same with those...sorry mate. Yes the kit is a life-sucker LOL, but you are inspiring me again. Anthony
  9. That looks pretty darn awesome Ron! If you got that done from when I was at the Mosquito yesterday and photographed those bulkheads for you, then I am mighty impressed! Well done mate, they look spot on! Let me know if you need any more details Cheers Anthony
  10. Wow, that's awesome Ron! I am trying to get my Helicopter going off my SOD but you are making this tough! Lovely work my friend
  11. Oh ok, I will check this weekend for you then. I will ask about the Gee set for you. No progress as I have been finishing up a few commission builds and have my engineers onto me about some items for my own Auster T.7 rebuild...plus I have my Westpac Rescue model off the SOD to try and get more done there too.
  12. Hey Ron Sorry mate I don't have a spare set, but think in my pile of bits I might have a spare set of shrouds...I am still yet to check. As for a Gee set, my friend has CAD'ed one up and printed it in 48th scale and its beautiful. Perhaps I might be able to persuade him to upscale it to 24th? Cheers Anthony
  13. Whoa! Now we are talking! Excellent start Ron, I am looking forward to your build...it's sucked the life out of me a few times. But it is an awesome model if you can make it to the end. I took that photo of the Paragon exhaust stubs for you. Also love the scribing work and the fact you have turned the door latch to open...first time I have seen someone do that. Keep up the great work
  14. Nicely done!....now I have the correct thread LOL. It's not too late to fix the stance on your Mossie. Its the structure above the legs that you need to shorten. That will make this assy sit deeper in the nacelle. It's a bit tricky to explain, but essentially remove a section at the top of the support structures that glue into the top of the wells...hope this makes sense....probably not Great work by the way, I like what you did Cheers Anthony
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