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  1. Oh yes it sure does! Magnificent Cees, keep up the great work buddy, looking really good!
  2. Really nice result considering the chopping. That should contour and finish up nicely. That's quite a difference to what you started with isn't it, well worth the effort in my opinion Great stuff
  3. That's brilliant Cees! That back end gives quite a different look doesn't it? Lovely clean surgery sir....carry on, brilliant stuff
  4. Oh yeah, now we're talking! That looks really good! That Revell kit actually lends itself quite nicely to the conversion dosent it? Glad you like the parts, a LOT of hours went into them. Really makes me happy to see guys like you using these parts and all that research etc by kerry and I not being wasted on just my model. Cheers Anthony
  5. That's brilliant Cees! Ok you know what I would do is file a little bit off the hook mounting between the printed reheat cans as the engines were ever so slightly closer together. That should help take care of them sticking out past the sides of the fuselage. Otherwise I am impressed at how well they drop in considering they are 'actual size' reduced to 1/32 instead of making it fit a kit. Nice work, hopefully those extras I sent you wont be far away Cheers Anthony
  6. Whatever it is you turn your hand to with modelling, you seem to nail it! Awesome progress Peter, you really have some skills!
  7. Looking good mate. Your parts left earlier this week. Hope you get them soon. Epic build and I like the new mods you are making.....wonderful stuff!!
  8. Not something I had picked up on, but when i go back and compare...you are right, that looks much better!
  9. Lovely work Cees...well that's an understatement from me! Thank you for the inspiration to forge on with mine. You are truly brilliant at how you are achieving this with this kit...awesome
  10. I agree with Martin, thats some seriously good skills there. I hope mine comes out half that good! Cheers Anthony
  11. Wonderful start Cees! Love that you are building another one! Some bits on their way this week buddy!
  12. Yup, I'm in! Good grief Cees, I hope you dont beat me to finishing another conversion whilst I still plod along on my first!! Great job mate, I am already excited about this Cheers Anthony
  13. Wah-Hoo I finally sorted (guessed what my password was) my login details....so happy Now Cees I can comment publicly on how much I have loved following you along with this build. You have done an amazing job and have been a HUGE inspiration for me doing my own conversion. Your results are awesome and I hope mine will look half as good as this does. Just beautiful and genuinely lost for words, I have a new screensaver to keep me motivated now 👍 Cheers Anthony
  14. Absolutely stunning, I know I keep saying that....but it is! Love how you weathered the main wheel hub, how/what did you use for that, may I ask?
  15. Kai, that is beyond awesome mate! I am enjoying this so much I dont want it to end...sorry Hubert! I agree with everyone else the blue looks good to my eye and in tone with the rest of the airframe....Love it!
  16. Thanks guys! She is a T.7 model and served in AAC/RAF/RAuxAF/RHKAAF and then HK Govt (hence going from RAF serial WE552 to HKG-4). She is very different to the civvie ones and has a 145 Gipsy Major out front. I am rebuilding her to full stock military config. Sorry for hijacking your thread Cees....
  17. Cees I love your mad builds and tackling conversions/Vac kits that many wouldnt! That interior looks superb. I am just about to send you a PM, I need a little help with a real Aeroplane part for my Auster rebuild... Keep up the great work buddy, what about that lovely Phantom?? Cheers Anthony
  18. Absolutely beautiful, all your hard work with the surface details and attention to details in the painting are second to none, just lovely!
  19. yep we need someone to produce a new T-6 for sure! Awww man, glad to know you are looking in my friend, the FG.1 Phantom sure is a mission at every turn to convert. But I knew what I was taking on (kinda LOL) before I started, not like a KH kit which bites you unexpectedly I still hope that when this Covid thing has settled I can come to Long Is to visit my friend and play with all his aeroplanes and we can catch up still! Funnily enough he's just brought himself a T-6 Keep up the awesome work!
  20. Well from here she looks pretty darn good, but that's easy for me to say when I am only looking at a distance. I had only one KH kit (T-6) and didnt get far in as there were just too many issues with shapes, fit etc. I am one who is always up for a challenge, but that one ended up in the bin with any useful bits clipped off the sprues to use on other kits. Shame cos the T-6 is such an iconic plane. I've seen others do superb builds of theirs...they are a better human than I! hang in there buddy, you got this now!
  21. Awesome updates...totally loving this build and look forward to each update! You're killin it!
  22. Now that's what we're talkin about! Well done Peter
  23. Peter hang in there buddy. You are doing an awesome job and will (like others have said) will have a lovely looking model in the end. What I see so far is stunning, I know you will turn this into another masterpiece!
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