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  1. i had built this before he mentioned it but its not a height thing. I believe my cabin is warped for some reason. I just need to put little plastic tabs to make things straight.
  2. The floor above the cabin is warped(i didnt see it earlier) and the two rods to the tower are too high but the major issue is i cut the end the roof and it created a huge gap in the back(I had followed info from someones build on a modeling magazine).
  3. Ok so dry fit test.. somehow something is wrong...
  4. Harv. The little hole(barely visible) in the fuselage for the placement of the winch is wrong(its too low) . The bracket should go just below the transmission cowling. Use the 2 brackets provided in the kit to measure the right angle ..i made a mistake with mine so i have to improvise on mine.
  5. The box is a great idea for your interior but maybe cut it in half and make two boxes side by side. I see you have pencil marks on your box, i would bring them closer to each other since in my opinion they are too far apart. Dont abandon the box idea it works.
  6. Harv. Please dont take this wrong way, this is only my opinion but your box looks out of scale in my opinion and a bit crooked. Also are you leaving enough space for the ceiling piece to be inatalled...air duck looks too tall.
  7. Wow. Its moving along perfectly. I love the heater ducks
  8. A lot of changes. Redone the winch system inside since the other one was too bulky for the cabin. Opened cabin/Engine access door for more light.
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