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  1. Well thats looking pretty sharp. Dont forget to add the floor when u do your dryfitting parts since it does stretch the fuselage a bit.
  2. scriber won't work for this, plastic is too thick and the area to be cut is too fragile because of the tight area ,there is also a chance of slippage and scratching surrounding area.
  3. Harv. You can use small saws from hasegawa, they have a great set. You need to set up a guide for the saws to follow since saws have a tendency to take the path of least resistance. I use a bendable metal ruler taped to the fuselage for mine. Dont rush the sawing, this area is super delicate.
  4. A bit a color in an all grey cabin.
  5. I use that size for the legs
  6. They dont but i did conversion to use on the fly model. Reach out to Readoks figures...they carry it for me.
  7. Anything i can do to help.
  8. Harv. I see you got your helicopter . I great start. Will follow for sure.
  9. Leg for the landing is out of scale, made a new one. Started on painting.
  10. Sometimes i wish i had a brush to paint around corners. Most of the detailing in the nose is one color.
  11. 4 days till i go back to work full time so better get cracking on some cockpit painting. Worked on the Ext fuel tank.
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