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  1. Yep Bevan, look forward to seeing you there! I think Eric's Demon will be hard to beat though. Hi mate, check out Large Scale Planes, go to "Works in Progress" and enter Kingfisher in the search box, she is there worts and all! Thanks for the nice comments guys. Cheers Brent
  2. This is the Kittyhawk Kingfisher converted to an RAAF aircraft by deleating the hole in the front windshield, adding a ring and bead sight, adding sway braces to the bomb racks, adding an extra strake to the main float and modifying the water rudder linkage. This kit gets some bad press which I generally agree with however nothing that can prevent a nice result. Painted in Alclad and AK Extreme Metal. The photos were taken by my mate Eric G Cheers for looking!
  3. I staryed the thread over on LSP that Paul confirmed that the Mk 5 will be comming, to say I'm excited is an understatemennt RAN Korean war aircraft here I come!!
  4. No worries, it's a great scheme look forward to seeing you work your magic with it!!
  5. Hey Mike, I just recieved my set of crocodile decals from Fantasy Printshop and they definately include cheques for the top of the lower wing. The only surface npt catered for is the lower surface of the upper wing which was cdl. I would check back with them if I were you. cheers Brent
  6. Thanks guys, can anyone point me in the direction of a profile showing a pr mosdie with the single stage powerplants? Pretty sure just the camera ports need adding as the canopy options look right?
  7. I have pre-ordered the HK mossie and also have the paragon 2 stage merlin set. I would love to do a pr aircraft with the 2 stage merlins, my question primarily aimed at those lucky guys who have built test shots is can the paragon set be mated with the HK kit?
  8. HK Models

    New information suggests Gibson was shot down by friendly fire, apparantly dived towards a Lancaster and got nailed by the rear gunner. I saw an article in "Britain at war" magazine which also stated that research indicated no German nightfighters claimed kills in that area on that night and that a lancaster claimed a Ju 88 over the crash site (ju88 snd mosquito were often miss identifyed)
  9. Hi Dave, Yep, Jim has it covered, and again thanks so much!! Cheers Brent
  10. Hi all, Over on LSP I posted regarding the unhappy circumstance of my birthday present from my wife (the WNW AEG) being stolen from her car before she could give it to me. For the full story look over on LSP. James and LSM have shown unbelievable generosity and have offered to send me a replacement from the stash. I have formally thanked all on LSP but wanted to post here as well to offer mine and Jeanettes heartfelt thanks to James and all here on LSM. You guys are the greatest!!! Cheers Brent
  11. I have heard lots of online complaints regarding Boystown, definately avoid! Back on topic, Hasegawa big tail 190d at Hlj for 30 bucks!!
  12. Cool!! Voted for this! She won't sit on the shelf, this one will go to the top of the build list :-)
  13. Wingnut Wings

    1. Felixtow flying boat 2.Caproni Ca.3 3. DH 9 passenger/ambulance