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  1. Agreed! I like your next project, too. The Skyhawk always looks a little incongruous next to the Harvards and Chipmunk etc but it's so nice to have one at Ardmore (I'm in South Taranaki but try and visit once or twice a year). And the link with Mark is cool - I've not really met him but I've heard him speak and he seems like a very cool dude.
  2. I very rarely have cause to prime models so I can't offer anything but encouragement and enthusiasm to see your build continue. Your work on the landing gear alone is gorgeous and looks spot on.
  3. I'm not terribly familiar with the innards of the Hawker fighters so the gun bay doors confused me at first, but now I know they're leather I can say they looks great! Also, the image of the wheels. Those tyre walls are the most rubber-looking model tyres I've ever seen. Beautiful work.
  4. Great start Danny! I love your extra details on those ejector racks, those sorts of details really elevate a model to a replica! I've never seen that paint scheme before...I'm digging it! The blue nose is very cool.
  5. Beautiful work, Cees! One thing I love about WIPs like this is that they show you it doesn't take any sort of black magic to scratchbuild, just information and material. I'm excited to see how you progress!
  6. Thanks Cees, I just saw that it's the same user...wow! Go Tom!
  7. This is a fascinating conversion, bravo Tom! I'm excited to read your next update.
  8. ^ What he said! Absolutely gorgeous work! Just stunning.
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