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    Helsinki, Finland
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    1:32 WW2 Planes, especially B-17G and Lancaster. 1:35 Armour, WW2 mainly German 1943-45, and Finnish. Also some interest in 1:48 ww2, cold war planes.

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  1. Just arrived :0)!
  2. Just ordered the instrument panel
  3. yknu

    My other hobby........

    My other hobby is drumming in bands. Doing some gigs with band playing David Bowie stuff and on two other bands playing our own stuff ( punk rock, post punk, goth). When I am rehearsing alone, I play along Thin Lizzy.
  4. Hi just got the HK Models beautiful Lanc. Interested to know, what is the status of the accessories for this like fabric seat belts, dash boards, Instrument panels, barrels, wheels, Bomb sight, H2S radar etc..?