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  1. Thanks Kai. Should look even better once the whole thing is covered in metal! Craig
  2. Thanks Kai! The fuselage is finally together permanently! Still got a huuuuuuuge amount of work to do though! Tail surfaces are just sitting in position at the moment. Still a long way off joining them on for good! More to come soon! Craig
  3. That cockpit is gorgeous Peter! As always your modelling and photography skills are impeccable Craig
  4. Man all that 3D printed stuff is hectic! I didn't know there was such an extensive set available. Looking forward to seeing it all come together. Cheers, Craig
  5. Nice one John! I do love the P-39 and can't wait to build one someday..... Craig
  6. Thanks Harv! Thanks Peter! I'm really stoked with how it's coming along now. Can't wait to start laying some metal panels down Craig
  7. Thanks guys! The last of the internal details is now in prior to closing up. As you can see everything is a bit dusty, so I need to go through and do a bit of cleaning before I join the halves for good! I'll let the pics do the talking... Till next time! Craig
  8. Now this is different! Great work Looking forward to more Craig
  9. I love following your builds Peter, count me in!!! Craig
  10. Thanks Peter! It's funny how you don't realise how much your hands shake until you do something like this 😆 Thanks Harv! Cheers Kai, was certainly a skill tester! A little more on the cockpit before I move back to the nose for more or less the final details in the fuselage prior to closing it up. A prominent feature in the cockpit was the feathering controls and warning light panel which sits above the main instrument panel. A bit of fun to make, but it can be seen at the very front of the windshield so worth the effort. And the back.. I'm working on the bombardier's control levers now and a few other bits in the nose, more pics to follow soon! Cheers, Craig
  11. Congratulations Kai!!! What a wonderful result. Flawless work down to the last detail. What's next on the list? Craig
  12. I'm back into the cockpit! To be fair I've been avoiding this area for a while, as when I did the reconstruction work on the nose, I kind of "painted myself into a corner" by adding the seats and roof lining probably far too early in the build. This then meant that to add the RH cockpit sidewalls, control columns and throttle levers, was as close I I'll probably ever get to building a ship in a bottle! 😱 This is an old photo, but this is the gap I had to fill with a panel, and this was the side I had to get it in from! So with everything crossed and holding my breath, I not only got a piece test fitted in there to work out the right dimensions, but also managed to stick the completed piece back in, and straight at that! With that trickiness out of the way, the addition of the footrests and table seemed dead easy... Not too much more to add to the cockpit, just the instrument panel coaming and feathering buttons and a few other bits and pieces. Getting closer all the time! Cheers, Craig
  13. Thank you Kai! Almost as good as that mirage of yours hey? 😉 Thanks Peter! You should definitely try making your own if you haven't before, it's easy as! Definitely not to professional standards, but they certainly can bring little pieces to life.... Just got to try some white lettering on black backgrounds now! Cheers, Craig
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