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  1. Incredible work Kai, especially on the lighting! I've been tempted by those set a few times but I've done my own for the B-17, although I still have to work out a suitable power supply....... Craig
  2. Thanks Harv. I've got to admit I'm pretty sloppy and sporadic posting on here, but I'm glad you're enjoying the updates!
  3. Thanks very much Martin! Definitely a huge compliment coming from both of you . Amazing how time flies.... I'd say this may very well come close to a 10 year project. There's always things I could have done better, but it's taught me some valuable lessons along the way.....
  4. It's been a while since I posted here. Just thought I'd let you guys know the project is still ongoing I'm currently working to finish the bomb bay, and once that's done I can finally get the tail on. Enjoy the pics Craig
  5. Still an impressive amount of scratchbuilding for a "quick" project Oliver! Very nice indeed! Craig
  6. Thanks Gaz and Peter! Progress has slowed somewhat recently, but is still going on slowly. I'm hoping to average a panel or so a day, although it doesn't always work out that way! Thanks as always for your continued encouragement and interest Craig
  7. Happy New Year Everyone! Not sure what crack Dami87 is on, but I'm still continuing progress on the panel work. I've pretty much finished the LH side as much as I can, now working my way forward on the right. As I move forward, I'm also now able to tackle some more complex and challenging pieces such as the radio room fairing and turtle deck. Enjoy! Cheers, Craig
  8. Nice work on the Lib so far! Really enjoying seeing it come together. Craig
  9. This is looking great! I really like the weathering you're doing. Craig
  10. Thanks Gazza! Yeah polishing is going to be bit of a mission, especially handling it so it doesn't end up covered in fingerprints! Thanks Peter! Slowly getting there. Little by little Cheers, Craig
  11. Thanks Gents! I realise it's been a while since I posted here, but work is progressing.... I've been working my way forward along the underside of the fuselage as that's the way the panels overlap. I'll let the photos do the talking though shall I? Slowly but surely she's getting some clothes on! Thanks for looking. Craig
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