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  1. Happy New Year Everyone! Not sure what crack Dami87 is on, but I'm still continuing progress on the panel work. I've pretty much finished the LH side as much as I can, now working my way forward on the right. As I move forward, I'm also now able to tackle some more complex and challenging pieces such as the radio room fairing and turtle deck. Enjoy! Cheers, Craig
  2. Nice work on the Lib so far! Really enjoying seeing it come together. Craig
  3. This is looking great! I really like the weathering you're doing. Craig
  4. Thanks Gazza! Yeah polishing is going to be bit of a mission, especially handling it so it doesn't end up covered in fingerprints! Thanks Peter! Slowly getting there. Little by little Cheers, Craig
  5. Thanks Gents! I realise it's been a while since I posted here, but work is progressing.... I've been working my way forward along the underside of the fuselage as that's the way the panels overlap. I'll let the photos do the talking though shall I? Slowly but surely she's getting some clothes on! Thanks for looking. Craig
  6. Looks great to me Gazza! Craig
  7. Thanks guys! Working steadily away at it.... lots done with lots more to do. Slowly making my way up the LH side of the fuselage! Cheers, Craig
  8. Beautiful work as always Peter! The ignition wiring is amazing Craig
  9. Thanks Kai and Peter, Just realized I haven't posted any pictures of the start of the skinning process. Each panel has to be traced out in masking tape, then traced again onto a reverse image to give me the rivet and panel locations. Once each rivet is "wheeled" out it is then deepened with a beading tool and finally the metal is pushed back down around the outside of each rivet to make them really sharp, and to reduce surface distortion. Some panels can take upwards of an hour or more to make, and there's a lot of panels to cover the fuselage, but I'm really enjoying the process so hopefully I'll have more to show you soon! Cheers, Craig
  10. Nice and clean as always Peter. I'm looking to do just such a project when I finally finish my B-17! Craig
  11. And on it goes. After a seam-sanding marathon, I had all the joins pretty much smooth enough to start drawing out the panel lines on the exterior, reading for the skinning process to begin. Here's how the skin panel diagram looks: The length of the panels is easy to work out, as they start and end at fuselage stations. The width of the panels is a little harder, as they're not only not straight, they also start and end a different circumferential points..... This was an in progress photo with many mistakes I made in interpreting the above diagram.... I also permanently added the bathtub! Some of the nose panel marking out in progress. The panels start from the bottom rear, and then work their way forward and up, with each panel overlapping the previous one. I also did some work on the tail fairings, but I'm ready to make a long awaited start on the skin panels! Very excited to be getting to the business end of the build finally! Craig
  12. Awesome work Peter! I've never used HGW seatbelts but they do look quite complex; I imagine that I'd struggle with them too.... Interesting to hear about how the instructions are so bad. You'd think they could have at least go that right! Loving your progress though 😉 Craig
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