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  1. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Thanks coolboxx . I put the decals, applied the gloss clear, simulate the exhaust gases (need a retouch) and a few more drained liquids. Finally mate clear. Auxiliary fuel tank. Regards ajcmac
  2. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Rob. Thanks. I did not abuse the shipping much because I think this Zero is already from the end of the war. I applied lights and shadows and applied other colors to give a better weathering effect and, I think I did. I applied weathering and some shipping. Then I applied a clear gloss coat of Alclad. Now the decals. Regards ajcmac
  3. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    And after the mask was ready I painted the green (Tamiya's XF-70). Regards ajcmac
  4. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Thanks coolboxx. I started the process of weathering. I already have the attack edge of the wings painted yellow. Follow the mask and paint the top green. Regards ajcmac
  5. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    GusMac I've had some, mostly from Badger, and I liked it. He had, for me, a fault with Harder & Steenbeck. Cleaning the airbrush and replacing the parts. Now I do not think about changing. I finished the engine cowling... and the propeller. And after everything glued and ready I started painting the model. Bottom of the model. Landing gear doors and rear landing gear. Additional deposit. Regards ajcmac
  6. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    This has been standing in the paintings because I had a problem with the airbrush. Nozzle, air cap or needle ??? To be sure, I bought the complete set. In the meantime I glued the model. Missing the machine gun in the cockpit because following the Hasegawa scheme does not enter. I did an experiment and got glue at the end. It even avoids complications in painting. Regards ajcmac
  7. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Coolboxx The quality of the kit helps a lot. It's a great kit. Fused fuselage lines were sanded to remove the glue marks and glued the rear stabilizers. The propeller with weathering. Now another layer of glocc clear, a wash and then mate clear. Regards ajcmac
  8. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Thanks Cees . The interiors are ready. Regards ajcmac
  9. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Weekend and many hours spent on the bench. Seat belts with weathering. Glued fuselage. The engine . The exhaust pipes are missing. The propeller. Regards ajcmac
  10. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    More advances in the cockpit. Now the decals on the dashboard, glue the seat belts and I get the cockpit ready. Regards ajcmac
  11. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    The interiors almost ready. Painted canopy. The engine parts are already painted. Regards ajcmac
  12. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    While waiting for the arrival of some paints I went ahead some parts. Wings and auxiliary tank already glued. I painted the wheels. I applied some weathering on the engine cover, landing gear and sights. I forced a little because with the application of clear almost everything fades. Regards ajcmac
  13. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Cees From the Tamiya and Hasegawa instruction sheets is the color they indicate. I also saw several photos of the A6M5 (black and white) and they all have very dark landing gear that seems to be black. I also got this photos and the landing gear is black. The first is a kit. Regards ajcmac
  14. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    I started painting the model. The engine cover. Landing gear. The propeller. The cockpit. Regards ajcmac
  15. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    While I await the arrival of the paints for the model I have been preparing some pieces. The engine cover. The interiors. Fit test where everything seemed perfect. Regards ajcmac