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  1. Thank you for your words . I finished the propeller. Doors of the landing gear. Flaps already with the metal parts painted and ready to put on the wings. Here already taking shape and almost, almost to start painting. Regards ajcmac
  2. I returned to paint the propeller black. The chipping was not as wanted. Based on this picture, I know it's not the Ol Flak Joe but it's the same squadron, I wear on the propeller hub. Regards ajcmac
  3. Thanks Towerpower . I completed the flaps and ailerons. Horizontal stabilizers. The rudder. I started the construction of the landing gear. Finally I glued the wings to the fuselage. Regards ajcmac
  4. cib2265 The wear of the propeller was done with Tamiya XF-63 very dilute. I applied first at the leading edge of the blades and then some perpendicular lines also on the blades. Finally dry brush with the X-11 Tamiya (very dry brush). I applied after the chipping also with x-11 but did not like. I'm painting the blades again. Engine compartment and engine all set. Regards ajcmac
  5. Thanks Rick . The engine will stay as it is. My ability to scratch is low. I tried but just missed to ruin everything. Maybe next and before gluing all the pieces. It is in fact amazing in terms of fit. After three sets mounted in separate air ducts underneath the radiator and the engine and it fits without fail. Cockpit, engine and rear air ducts and air ducts under the engine nothing was pasted. However fittings without fail. And finally the fuselage, glued. I started the wear on the propeller. Air ducts under the engine. Regards ajcmac
  6. Thanks artro219 . Completed side panel which was missing oxygen tube and the air conduits. The cockpit and engine are glued together. Glued wings. All set glue to the fuselage (finally). The fuselage with the wings. Regards ajcmac
  7. I did not like the additional deposits painting. This time first painted glossy black, then aluminum. Machine guns. Painted black and then a kind of dry brush with graphite. Flaps and ailerons. Once'll let the engine covers open the air duct missing. A few more pieces aluminum. And for now it is all. Regards ajcmac
  8. Another finished parts. The air ducts with radiators. Air ducts that are under the engine. And it's almost. Amazing how everything fits right and nothing is glued. Regards ajcmac
  9. Thank you and I think that this model well worth the money I paid for it. Another advance in P-51 D. Now to close the fuselage have to finish the air ducts and radiators. It is almost . Wells and doors of the front landing gear. Rear landing gear. Almost all set. Missing apply some wear on the small wheel. Regards ajcmac
  10. The engine. More advances in interiors. Lack the side panels now. Regards ajcmac
  11. Thanks Tom. Finally, the central set completed. Now the side panels. Regards ajcmac
  12. The gun bay. I glued the PE. Painted Interior Green. Regards ajcmac
  13. Thanks Dave . I painted aluminum and started the weathering. I took and painted the additional deposits. Regards ajcmac
  14. Thanks JonathanReed . I received a sheet of decals. The version I intend to do is "Ol Flak Joe." Painted propeller. Regards ajcmac
  15. Latest photos of what was done. Regards ajcmac