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  1. Me 109 G-10

    And after solving the paint problem of some parts, I finished the model. The missing image with the canopy glued and the engine doors removed. Thanks to all who visited and commented on this topic. Regards ajcmac
  2. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks for ypur words To put the aileron in the lowered position I had to cut the insert and I ended up ruining the painting. Misfortune. I repainted. But this ? I do not know. Stupid, lack of attention, I do not know . Paint again. I just hope that the third time I'll get it right. Regards ajcmac
  3. Me 109 G-10

    I applied mate clear. Flaps and ailerons are missing. An accident and I screwed up the painting. I've restarted the painting. Let's see if it works now. Regards ajcmac
  4. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks coolboxx. This was a good weekend. I put the decals, applied a layer of gloss clear and a wash. Next step - mate clear. Regards Ajcmac
  5. Me 109 G-10

    Finished painting. I've applied a layer of gloss cote. Ready for the decals. The engine doors are already weathered. I applied the wash on pieces that will not carry decals. Ready with the wash clean. Next step - the decals. Regards ajcmac
  6. Me 109 G-10

    And the paint on the top of the fuselage is ready. Now the most complicated. The spots. Regards ajcmac
  7. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks coolboxx . Regards ajcmac
  8. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks. For those who, like me, have already built several Me 109 this color combination is the first time. I read in another forum that the various color combinations at the end of the war was the result of lack of stocks, they painted with what they had at the time. I started painting the top of the fuselage and this time with the RLM 75. Regards ajcmac
  9. Me 109 G-10

    I applied the lights and shadows. Some parts are still missing because only now, after removing the mask, can I mask them. Regards ajcmac
  10. Me 109 G-10

    After putting the mask (BluTak and Tesa tape) the RLM 75. There towards the end of the afternoon the lights and shadows. Regards ajcmac
  11. Me 109 G-10

    And the paints arrived. I already got work for the weekend. Regards Ajcmac
  12. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks coolboxx, I also do not usually have problems painting yellow or white over other colors, but ... The paints, at least the one that interests me the RLM 75, have not yet arrived but the patience is few. I applied lights and shadows. And if you continue to wait I paint the fuselage. Then we see the result. Regards ajcmac
  13. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks BevanBrooks . Gunze's RLM 75 has not yet arrived. I know I should paint the lighter colors first ... but I hope that when painting the RLM 75 there are no problems. I had no patience and could not resist. I painted the RLM 83. Regards ajcmac
  14. Me 109 G-10

    Thanks for following and for your comments. And after putting on the mask I started painting. For RLM 76 I used the gunze H-417. Then the shading. Some pieces already have the gloss cote applied. The auxiliary tank is ready. The next step, paint the wings, but I will have to wait because miss me the RLM 74. News now only next week. Regards ajcmac
  15. Hasegawa fw 190 A8 Walther Dahl JG 300

    Great job. Congratulations. Regards ajcmac