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  1. Wow Rob! Very Stunning work on the Cockpit here! Love the depth you created in the seat and seatbelts!
  2. Very hard kit to build Harv so far I see since I follow this one! But your work will pay off! Respect for your effort!
  3. This evening I went... Cockpittin’..
  4. Thanks! The flap set is from the magnificent Eduard!
  5. Sprayed the flaps today. Primed with black, then sprayed a layer of silver, after that the RLM02.
  6. Great Job Harv! Starting to look like a Focke Wulf now!
  7. First photo etch stuff is coming together!
  8. Awesome choices of colors! Stunning sight to see this displayed! keep up the good work
  9. Hi Kevin, Thanks!! I’m using a rivetting and a rescribing tool, and a aluminum hook which I use to make the straight lines with. But not all the lines are straight as this is me 2nd complete model which I do The base of these new Revell kits are quit good, some panels are not in the correct place as we may believe the Kagero drawings. I Always start with the panels which are placed on the right place in the kit, these are direct the starting point for al the rivets.
  10. Dear all, Started with rivets on the Focke Wulf A8/R2 kit from the hand of Revell. Loads of work to do before starting the assembly! First I want to rivet everything
  11. Another ‘To follow’ topic.. Gonna be busy in 2021! Have a blast on this one, looking forward to see your work!
  12. Then my various sources were not Good informed Thanks mate for your reaction
  13. Dear all, Does somebody can tell me if there is any news on these very future releases? I’ve been told that ZM had these kits on the ball a few years ago. I understand the COVID stuff and cancelled releases
  14. Thanks Carl and everyone else! These are the straps which hold The fueltanks mate
  15. Did this one a few years ago, Just want to share this with you all. This one is not with me anymore, but I managed to get a new one!
  16. Very great subject of a great type of Focke Wulf! Looking forward to your effort! Please spam us as much as possible
  17. Very good question, I can’t see that in the pictures which I use... but as far as I can see is that the mid-section is balanced quite good. There is why I choose this lay out regarding the landing gear. give that the landing gear of the He219 is strong piece of equipment
  18. Landing gear update! Is this convincing enough compared by the rest of the wreck? Ant tips are welcome as landing gears are not my thing really..
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