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  1. Ok.... the heat is on!! Yoking Jeroen, looking forward to your build!! I hope we can expect some early A versions in the future as well, so we can make some great stuff of which flew in Holland!
  2. Hi! Thanks!! No I just want to place it on a nice piece of olive wood. I’m afraid that all the details and wheatering will be falling away when it’s to ‘busy’ around the model.
  3. Thanks Rob! no problem, it’s an honor!!!
  4. Yesterday evening I did some chipping and wheatering!
  5. Apart from the magnificent work you did on the crew and Jeep as well the 335.... how’s your hand doing now? As I can imagine it’s not good to have a Willy Jeep driving over it!
  6. I just did this with Vallejo chrome and a thin brush, afterwards a Black/grey wash over the varnish
  7. Some wheatering! I never have a planning while building actually, still need to spray the underside
  8. Did some paint test on this one today. I used Mr.Paint RLM 74 with a shade of RLM 70 on the panel lines. For the RLM 75 I used al little drop of black to highlight the panel lines. I also used black primer and choose not to marble this one because this particular aircraft had a really worn camo on it. Please note that the varnish and washes needs to be done Let the pics speak for them selfs, any comments and tips are welcome!
  9. Absolutely stunning work! Love the details as well the paintjob!
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