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  1. Some work done on the underside. tried to show the wear and tear by a revised leading edge, and some primed panels. positive chipping still needs to be done!
  2. Thanks matey! I used Russian aircraft cover red from MRP for this!
  3. Underside done, now waiting for some wheatering! Sorry for the crappy pics!
  4. There is huge plastic box... somewhere in The Netherlands... which contains these parts... All you had to do was send the new owner a message!
  5. Great colors and paintjob! And a lot of respect to you, it’s a real hard kit to assemble! But the result is outstanding so far!
  6. Some progress made last week!
  7. Ok.... the heat is on!! Yoking Jeroen, looking forward to your build!! I hope we can expect some early A versions in the future as well, so we can make some great stuff of which flew in Holland!
  8. Hi! Thanks!! No I just want to place it on a nice piece of olive wood. I’m afraid that all the details and wheatering will be falling away when it’s to ‘busy’ around the model.
  9. Thanks Rob! no problem, it’s an honor!!!
  10. Yesterday evening I did some chipping and wheatering!
  11. Apart from the magnificent work you did on the crew and Jeep as well the 335.... how’s your hand doing now? As I can imagine it’s not good to have a Willy Jeep driving over it!
  12. I just did this with Vallejo chrome and a thin brush, afterwards a Black/grey wash over the varnish
  13. Some wheatering! I never have a planning while building actually, still need to spray the underside
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