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  1. O yeah!!! I really love a great build of a P51!!! Looking forward to your effort on this kit with al the great aftermarket stuff! Have a blast mate!
  2. Wow, I really love the wheatering!! Lovely work.
  3. Putting all the pieces together on the hand of the only 4 pics which are known of this crash. Finding the right angle and make it most realistic is quite hard to do! Main landing gear up next, please enjoy the photo’s! Later on the base will follow
  4. Holy cow!!! Awesome work!!!!! Great setting!
  5. Will make Jeroen an offer in the near future for that one! LOL!! You didn’t knew which crash it was Cees?
  6. Thanx Gusmac! I carved the prop blade which came in the box, a hell of a job I can tell :)
  7. Could be a very useful item for me! Very well executed wrecks
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