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  1. One piece of advice - which seemed blindingly obvious with hindsight - I read from Marion Ball, one of the GREAT figure painters of the time, is that the eyes of real people are rarely fully open, and always partially covered by eyelids. Hard to paint, but it makes all the difference when you succeed in representing it …

    Worth a try on your moustached mechanic ?


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  2. Great Progress Scott. I stumbled upon the same fit issue. Only I decided to remove the bleed fis and add new ones. I am probably trying to chew more than my bite, as I decided then it would be a good idea to represent the bleed fins in full, from the  horizontal inlet on the side of the fuselage to the exhaust on top. They are IRL continuous and "S" shaped. Only then do I have issues with the compound shape of the fuselage ... This is where I stood when I moved house and then got plenty of life prioroties to keep me off continuing on this one, for the time being :(


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  3. Two words of advice Scott:

    1) The first critical fit issue in  the kit is the junction of the top and bottom fuses at the rear of the wings

    . Besides adding pressure, mine were not great and required a significant amount of filler, and rescribing

    2) Second issue is the fit of the front fuselage and intakes. Mine require a 1.5 mm strip each side to ensure a flush fit between the fuse and intakes. And the vanes for the boundary layer exhaust are continuous between the intake wall and the front fuselage ... In theory they are "S" shaped from the face entry to the exit on the top fuselage.

    3) Just remember that the "cross" of the engine faces should be vertical. I forgot about it, and although barely visible, I know I got it wrong, and that upsets me no end :brickwall: !



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  4. 9 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

    Nothing.  Absolutely nothing on the bench.  



    Just finished cleaning up after the He 111.  Now it’s decision time.  


    Me 262?

    A surprise from the stash??  Been itching to do that A-7D Corsair with the Zacto correction. Or the Crusader….hmmmmm…

    My vote is for Vought !


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  5. 23 minutes ago, Landlubber Mike said:

    That's great news Peter!  Glad it turned out that way.  

    Do we get a picture of you in a nurse's cap?

    Since you asked, here is one, in exclusivity 🤫




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  6. I can really imagine a sarge giving private Doe a pot of red paint and a brush « Now paint me some red checkers on that wall ! And you’ve got to finish by tomorrow, or you will do 50 pushups ! »

    Not sure that private Doe will have used a ruler, pencil and masking tape … ;)


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  7. 13 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

    I think that the French industrial / technological achievements are criminally underrated. Their designs are unique, functional and tasteful. Tanks, aeroplanes , cars, ships, you name it. Their product is amongst the coolest out there. 

    I agree Martin (and not only because I am French ;) ).

    The only issue is that, after the trauma of WW I, they did not want to believe in another war, nor that it would be conducted in a different way from the previous one (but it is not unusual for military planners to think the next war in the terms of the previous one …). They just were late to develop the appropriate weapons for WW II, with some weird designs sometimes. And the political meanderings of the 30s did not help the defense industry adapt to the futures challenges.

    And they produced some great designs after WW II …


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