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  1. It’s a beauty, Peter. I read that the radiator shape of the -J was more efficient and produced less drag than the earlier marks, but nothing beats the sleekiness of these -F models. And don’t talk to me about the XP-38 : the embodiment of speed in its era.

    Anyway, well done, Peter 👍 !


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  2. Thanks for the pics Ernie. 
    The Tomcats are great, and the AMK one impressive, although, to my eye at least, the wing-root / apex fairing seems strangely bloated, and not very prototypical. Certainly not the same as the Tamiya kit in this area,

    I liked the Gulfhawk, although the pic shows how much work is needed to bring this venerable kit to a more scale-like appearance.

    And yes, your Val is always stunning 👍 !


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  3. 2 hours ago, DocRob said:


    Thank you Phil and Peter. The riveting changed the appearance of the plane a lot. Let's see, how the color layers on top will show.

    Phil, I only used lukewarm water with some drops of detergent mixed in, like Eduard suggests. I pushed the cut decals onto a sponge soaked with the mix and after a few seconds, the decal moves easily. The plastic surface was brushed with the same mix and the detergent hindered the water to pool. After application, I used another dry sponge to press water and air bubbles out, followed by passes with a wet flat brush and rubber decal applicator.
    I will never use AK's black base again, as it never really dries. Even after days, it is still tacky on the surface, in one word, the stuff is crap. I use Tamiya LP-1 gloss black instead, which sprays perfectly and dries fast and rock hard, mixed with about two thirds of leveling thinner.

    Cheers Rob

    +1 on AK black base (and I think it is also the one interacting funnily with Mr Levelling Thinner)


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  4. Sorry to hear about that, buddy. I hope everything goes fine and you get well soon 🙏 !


    PS: what single men wouldn’t do to meet a sexy young nurse ;) 

    And this one is a special for you, buddy :)



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  5. 17 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

    Maybe it could be due to laws in Germany that a swastika cannot be posted, pictured, displayed anywhere and FB is used in Germany?  Not defending the absurdity of denying history, I got to meet Anna Rosmus in a video production we did with her at work years ago.  She’s a very interesting person and the move The Nasty Girl was about her.  

    Wiki link on her

    FB was fined a few million USD a few years ago in Germany, for letting neo-Nazi propaganda and « anti-constitutional symbols » flourish on its German pages. So, they have certainly become more aware of the issue, up to the point of applying blanket, non-discerning bans.

    Our German friends can comment far better than me on the law, I suspect, but the issue is more complex than a first glance can induce: displaying these « anti-constitutional symbols » like the Swastika, or the faucet and hammer, for commercial of political purposes is forbidden in Germany. But it can be done for « civic education, countering anti-constitutional activities, art and science, research and education, the coverage of historic and current events, or similar purposes ». 
    So a company cannot sell an item with a Swastika visible, even if it’s a model, but a modeler can put it on its models, although displaying it can be discussed, based in the perceived intent (historical representation, or to boast the Nazi regime). This said, most Germans will consider it extremely bad taste, and most unwelcome.


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  6. Most houses in Portugal are poorly insulated. The one I am renting right now (only two months left to go, yay :piliot:! ) is a prime example : interesting look  - by a well-known Portuguese architect -, very low level of practicability, and appallingly poor construction standards, and zero isolation. So my bills are in the € 300 area, for 150 sqm, in winter or in summer, where you HAVE to run the A/C …

    (And do not get me started on water consumption bills, where the price is progressive : the more water you consume, the higher the price per cubic meter. It’s a great system to make everyone responsible in a country where chronic draught has been felt for the last 6 years, but it can hurt a lot - like when the landlord decides to change the grass in late spring, and has the gardener water the new grass as if there was no tomorrow :brickwall:- f#@&%!g morons !)


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  7. 5 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

    My friend, you obviously haven’t visited Quebec lately, have you?  Their “French” will make you’re head spin.  To anyone taught Parisienne French, Quebecois French is abhorrent.  

    French canadian is based on XVII Century French. hard to understand, yes, but probably purer than the one spoken currently in Paris… But my gripe is more with the poor level of mastery of the language, even by supposedly educated young people.

    To illustrate this, one of my favourite examples I use with people forgetting the syntax is the following :  « If I give you a payslip, and I put a stamp on it, do you prefer the stamp that says « Payer » (To pay) or the one that says « Payé » (Paid) ? » For many, I suspect it is the first time they realise there is a useful difference between « payer » and « payé », which have the same pronunciation, but a completely different syntaxic meaning ….

    Ok, end of the rant by Old Fart Professor Hubert ;) 


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  8. Mixed bag as well, but with some limitations :

    - 1919 to 1939 era, with a strong lean towards civilians, racers, yellow or silver wings

    - Post WWII, up to the mid 60s, i.e. early jets, when they were still colourful and full of technological promises

    - Basically non-camoed aircrafts

    - And no swastika Hakenkreuz, nor Soviet Red Star, for that matter…

    If i try to find a common theme, it would be an interest for aircrafts epitomising technological developments, and colourful and good-looking aircrafts, rather than efficient killing machines ;)


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  9. 5 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

    Hubert, Facebook is fine with the exploitation of minors, (as long as it’s don’t offshore).

    I have taken steps to make all my WW2 German aircraft pictures Facebook friendly by using images they are comfortable and happy with.  So, from now on, all swastikas will be removed and replaced with the Hammer and Sickle.   That SHOULD satisfy Facebook’s social justice lean. 

    Frankly, the only socialist leaning I can find, personally, on FB, is that it would be used today by Karl Marx to illustrate the shenanigans of capitalism …. It’s an amoral company, managed  by immoral people. The worst you can find in capitalism …

    End of my leftist rant 😂


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  10. 6 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

    It was mentioned on LSP today that the Kate will continue but as a multimedia kit under the HpH label, along with a B-26 Marauder and a few others down the road. 

    The B-26 announcement made me happy. 

    It’s a lot of good news …First the Kate, for those who enjoyed the great Val kit, and second, besides the B-26, there is a SM-79 and a Ventura in the pipeline ! Both great news if, like me, you love interwars civilians … I would have preferred a Hudson, but, hey-ho, I’ll content myself with a Lodestar 😊 (and can you see this red-and-green « corsa » Sparviero :piliot:)


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