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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×


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  1. Great project, Rob. 
    As for the Rexx exhausts, they are galvanically-grown metal parts. And nothing looks like metal like metal …

    The only issue is that, even before the invasion of Ukraine, they seemed to be made of unobtainium …

    Mind you, there is a modeller on Modelshipworld who showed how to do galvanic-grown parts at home. Seemed easy-peasy 🤪 (😂🤪🤣😂) . He produced some fantastic-looking wind-funnels for his model …


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  2. A book … And what a book ! This is the last « in Action » book, on the TBD Devastator, by Dana Bell.

    wow !



    Needless to say it supersedes, and by far, the previous « in Action » book on the same subject. I have a significant library on the TBD, plus a huge compilation of pictures I gathered on the net, but this one still manages to add pictures I had never seen hitherto, nor even, to my despair, found …


    Add to that the infinitely knowledgeable comments by Dana Bell, and you have an absolute « must have » book, at least if you have even a passing interest on the TBD.


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  3. 3 hours ago, belugawhaleman said:

    I have this weird... Well, idea. I recently purchased a Panzer 38 in 1/16 scale.

    I already built one in 1/35.......Tamiya has one in in 1/48. If I

    can find ones in smaller scales......well, a sort of Panzer '38 Russian doll

    sort of thing......Is this weird?..... I don't know, just asking....these pills make

    me sleepy....Beatrice, is that you? Water please with my pills, my dear...now there's

    a good girl!




    You could do a forced perspective dio , with compressed depth of (Russian, of course) field ….

    Now, about those pills … ;) 


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  4. 21 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    Congrats on living through 7 moves in 11 years ... surely a major feat. What a man cave ... looks absolutely fantastic and well worth all the work. Hoping everyone enjoys their new home and best of all you're back at the bench - organization and layout looks brilliant. 


    Thanks Peter. I have to say that the older I grow, the more I think house moves are for young people :) …

    I always made a rule to finish installing everything after a move within 6 weeks, and not leave any boxes unopened. This time, it took twice as long, but the last boxes have finally been opened : they were the (small) ones containing my paint tins …

    But I would not envision yet another move light-heartedly, now 😓


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  5. 1 hour ago, Bomber_County said:

    Very nice “cave”…….I spend an inordinate amount of time rearranging and tidying my workspace. I hate a cluttered bench …….very jealous Hubert. What’s going to the first project…….

    First project is restoring the "Columbia" model you can see in the background of picture #3. Not my build (must have been made in Mauritius), but it has been living trough even more moves in 20 years (add 3 or 4) and is in need of some careening and repairs to shine back to its former glory.

    Then it's back to Fisher's Cutlass, and then most probably the Devastator ...






    PS: and even though it is more cluttered when working on a model, I make it a rule to keep the workbench as tidy as possible, cleaning it up after a modelling session. Makes SWMBO happier, and, objectively, me as well ... ;)


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  6. As some of you may know, I moved end of last year in a completely refurbished new house. Hopefully, after 7 moves in 11 years, during which I refurbished 2 houses and had a new one built from scratch, this is the last stop before the crematorium (with maybe just the elder's house for debilitated people in-between) 🤞 ...

    But then, who knows, with my record of late 😂 🤣 😂 ?

    Anyway, even though the "honey-do" list is not completely exhausted, I crossed in the last hour an important milestone: I finished re-installing my workbench. I added some extra HobbyZone modules, so that now all my paints, including some 30 years-old Humbrol tins, are accessible and readily visible. They have added to their range a module with tilting drawers, very convenient for seeing and storing paints.

    We have a 30 sqm mezzanine in the new house, with natural light coming from the East and West, and this is where we set-up the modelling, scrap-booking (for Patricia) areas, and home-office for both of us.

    Now, I have no excuse not to get beck to some modelling (apart from the golfing sessions, the "honey-do" list, and some medical concerns) !

    I hope you like the new set-up.

    i-b88v2NW-600x450.jpg i-qwGzzhx-600x450.jpg





    And, btw, if you ever come to Portugal, just drop me a PM. You will be welcome for a drink, or more ;) . Fran knows he has already a permanent invitation standing.


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  7. 9 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

    Don't worry about how it takes. I started a Tamiya McLaren back in 1993 and still haven't finished it. 

    I am sooooo much better than you, Carl. I started my scratchbuilt Aichi Hansa only in 2008 … It had time to see the WnW Hansa-Brandenburg W29 come and go …

    Thank you for lifting my spirits and alleviating my guilt, my friend 👍 🤣


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  8. 21 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

    Sooo, are we doing 109 K group build or what ?  :)


    In  other words , when Kotare released their Mk1 I had zero interest. Then Willian coerced me to build one ( thank you) and I was ecstatic , absolutely joyful and pleasant experience. 

    • Whatever Kotare will come up with, will be most likely a different level.  Sorry Tamiya
    • even if it was P-51 B/C, Hellcat, Mig-21 or Bristol Bulldog, people would bitch and whine about the injustice of this word anyway, don't be one of them. 
    • Yes Kurfürst choice played my string for a multiple subjective reasons . The argument that 109 was kitted to oblivion and the market is saturated is weak and that will be proven at the end of the year when Kotare starts collecting the sales revenue. 
    • To further elaborate abundance of 109 on the market we have to look deeper and comprehend what is actually available. Year 2024 and we have only 3 noteworthy 1/32nd scale kits .  Naturally ZM kit, that is gorgeous , but presents certain challenges. Dragon's Emil, overall nice and enjoyable kit, and lastly the updated hasegawa F and early G, which is highly buildable, but outdated by nowadays standards. In terms of K-version there is the old Hasegawa, that suffers from a major shape issues and takes some serious work to look like the intricate structure that the real 109K airframe really is.

    There you have it, We are lucky to live in times when we have a number of fantastic kits being released on almost monthly bases. All I can say is , Thank you Kotare, Lukagraph, Eduard, ICM and the list goes on.

    To be fair, you've got very valid points here,  Martin (although I suspect you forgot some Trumpeter kits in your list, I wonder why 🤣 ?).

    But, to me, the news is still boring and disapointing.

    This said, as I undertand the man backing the capital of Kotare is an ex-dentist - I can't remember where I read this -, I suppose he wants a retunr on investment on what is still a passion endeavour. Going the safe way for sales is logical, even if, as a modeller, I would wish a more adventurous choice - but I have never invested as much as he has in a modelling industry project ...


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  9. So tell us, Martin : what do you REALLY think about this new Kotare release 😉 ?

    Me, I am in the 🥱 group (but then I was also with the Spifire, so my opinion is worth about :2c: )


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  10. 9 hours ago, npb748r said:

    nice build and the kit looks great. Just seen the price of the resin/plastic Infinity 1/32 Kate on hannants - way too much money for me so I think this will be my first 1/35 aircraft. I wonder how much the size difference will be noticeable alongside my 1/32 aircraft. I can't see a scale different with my 1/35 helicopters mixed with 1/32 aircraft. 

    Because you have no direct visual comparison or clue.

    As I have said many times, a 1/35 kit is roughly 9% smaller in any dimension than the same in 1/32. That means 84 % of the shelf area, and 76 % of the volume. As I usually, like anyone else, perceive the world in 3D, that is a big difference, for me at least… ( but then it may be one of those macho things about « size matters » 😉)


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