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  1. I am sure you have spotted the asymmetry between the right and left fairings on the underside of the beast, near the nozzle … This said, the result is amazing ! Hubert
  2. Lovely work, and outstanding result. The Captain of the ship must be very proud to have this one on board 👍 ! Hubert
  3. IIRC, the venerable Monogram one was good, but had a major shape issue with the engine cowlings … No doubt, the ICM one is better, especially after reading Fran’s very good review … Hubert
  4. Since you asked, here is one, in exclusivity 🤫 … Hubert
  5. Mine is was an Irish whiskey. With the current heat, it evaporated in a blink 😏 ! Hubert
  6. I feel for you, Rob. Let me have also a stiff drink as a token of solidarity and sharing ! Hubert
  7. The last thing you want is to have your rigging snaking around. Straight it must be ! Just my Hubert
  8. I can really imagine a sarge giving private Doe a pot of red paint and a brush « Now paint me some red checkers on that wall ! And you’ve got to finish by tomorrow, or you will do 50 pushups ! » Not sure that private Doe will have used a ruler, pencil and masking tape … Hubert
  9. I agree Martin (and not only because I am French ). The only issue is that, after the trauma of WW I, they did not want to believe in another war, nor that it would be conducted in a different way from the previous one (but it is not unusual for military planners to think the next war in the terms of the previous one …). They just were late to develop the appropriate weapons for WW II, with some weird designs sometimes. And the political meanderings of the 30s did not help the defense industry adapt to the futures challenges. And they produced some great designs after WW II … Hubert
  10. You’re making great progress there, Peter ! It’s going to be gorgeous when finished ! Hubert
  11. Damn you Rob ! Now I’m gonna have a nightmare, trapped between metal tubes all around me ! And that’s before the rigging ! 🥴 Hubert
  12. … for a fraction of the price of Tamiya Hubert
  13. I love the way you are moving forward with this one, Jeff. Great detailing, and incredibly realistic weathering 👍 ! Hubert
  14. Sorry to hear that Peter. But good to know Diane is in hood hands and the injury was not « worse ». Sending her my wishes of speedy recovery. Hubert
  15. Interesting show, Martin. Thanks for posting 👍 ! Hubert
  16. I know a few common sense things: 1) If the ice is in the glass, it won’t increase the level of liquid in the glass when it melts down 2) On the other hand, if the ice is in a funnel above the glass, the level of liquid in the glass will rise when it melts down. By analogy, if ice is stored on a bed-rock like, for instance Greenland, Antartica, or a glacier, it will spill into the oceans when it melts down, and this will increase the level of « the glass » 3) it’s a common physics rule that the volume of matter increases as it heats-up. It is the case for water. And it is a fact that the oceans have never been as warm as they are now. So, physically, the same quantity of ocean water will take more volume as it’s getting warmer. If, on top of it, you add water to the tub, the level will mathematically increase … Edit: the volume of the same quantity of water rising from 20° C to 22° C will increase by a factor of 1.00048611. Infinitesimal, you will say. But applied to the average 3800 meters of Earths’ oceans depth, that is an increase of 1.84 meters … This February, the average temperature of the oceans was 21.6 °C. But of course, as their temperature rises, the oceans loose more water to evaporation, which compensates somewhat … (And, btw, I have read that Manhattan has become so heavy with all human constructions that it is « sinking » as the bed-rock is pushed down by the added weight. Maybe it’s an urban legend, but I know that glaciers literally weigh on the bed-rock under them, so why not the same with concrete, bricks and mortar ?) Hubert
  17. Great haul Rob. As for the foot pedal, it’s the second best addition to my bench after the ubiquitous DSPIAE guillotine chopper (unless you have three hands, in which case the foot pedal is not that useful ) Hubert
  18. It’ unbelievable how fast this is taking shape to look like a Sea Fury. You’ll never cease to amaze me, Peter ! Hubert
  19. I’m liking what I am seeing, Ernie, but if the pics say « more grime », go for it ! When for once you do not have to invent a Spanish-school quilted effect… Hubert
  20. I always thought the Cylon ships looked cooler than the BSG Viper … as the TIE fighters looked less clunky than the X-Wing … Ok, strong the dark side of the force with this man is … Hubert
  21. The 50 experimented the turret design later used on the 13. The 1945 brief was to have a tank with at least the gun power of the Tiger, the armour of the Panther, and the mobility of the T-34 … The result was too heavy, and as the US, who were funding the project, wanted both France and Germany to buy and use it, when Germany wanted a lighter, more mobile unit, in line with Guderian’s doctrine, so it remained a project … The 13 was developed on a later brief, for a light, aeromobile, tank. It was far more successful, as we all know So both your comments are more than apt in this case … Hubert
  22. Only the 50 is rather the father of the 13, than its offspring Hubert
  23. Looking better, Carl. Although I am not sure the TV set is going to like the paint fumes (even if there is a spray booth) in the long run Hubert, Priest of the fork- carrying Tidy Bench Church 🛠️⛪️
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