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  1. Ivan Ivanovich

    Leopard 2A4M

    Sweet as! Now that is one mean looking big cat.
  2. Ivan Ivanovich

    Finally , my car is getting repaired...wheeee ! :)

    Another three weeks? You lucky sod. We've just decided to do the full R-code monty and give the CJ project another five months. "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." (Douglas Adams)
  3. Ivan Ivanovich

    Best glue for sandwich IPs?

    I use Future (now sold as "Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss") or clear gloss polyurethane varnish.
  4. Ivan Ivanovich

    T minus six days...

    We've got two garages. Pretty boring without Ponies. I'll post pics of garage/barn #2 when the cobble stone work is done and the Ponies have arrived.
  5. Ivan Ivanovich

    T minus six days...

    "Elmerschbersch" - now that's funny. I was born in St.Ingbert, literally next door to Spiesen-Elversberg. After a 13-year episode in Buechel, we returned to St.Ingbert in 1982 and I joined the football (soccer) youth team of SV 07 Elversberg (1983-1986). I've met a couple of Schumanns from Elversberg over the past 49 years. Maybe one of your relatives was among them. Right in the middle, you say? "Am Freidelbrunnen"?
  6. Ivan Ivanovich

    T minus six days...

    Mmmmmh... Warm, buttered whole wheat toast with Vegemite and a poached egg on top with a splash of MAGGI seasoning sauce. I love it! MAGGI seasoning is extremely popular among (native) Saarlanders, by the way. We put it on almost everything. Be it dead or alive.
  7. Ivan Ivanovich

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    Resuming bench ops ASAP (March/April). Need to set up and furnish my new modelling vault first. 32nd scale MiG-23ML (30% Trumpeter/70% DIY resin), masters and moulds finished. Optional: Finishing that 32nd scale Sloppy Hawk F-86D (DIY paint masks and decals). 32nd scale Iffy Hawk F-5E (DIY paint masks and custom decals). Restoring a 1/1 scale NPP Zvezda K-36DM seat. Frying bacon naked.
  8. Ivan Ivanovich

    Good Deal Alert! F-5E & F-5F cheap! AGAIN!?!?!

    Just curious whether anybody from the U.S. or Canada have ordered their F-5E/F kits from this seller in China... Any experiences? (Got five of my six kits from them. Average shipping time from China to Germany was less than a week.)
  9. Ivan Ivanovich

    where east meets west

    Good to see you back from hospital and back on the bench. Hang in there!
  10. Ivan Ivanovich

    Finally , my car is getting repaired...wheeee ! :)

    Looks like chances are good he might meet the new deadline. <fingers crossed>
  11. Ivan Ivanovich

    Back in the saddle with the Kitty Hawk F-5F

    What's Kitty Hawk's colour callout for the darkest camouflage colour? Somehow it lacks that very distictive blueish tinge. The actual pattern colour should be FS 35237 Gray Blue. [edit] Just found out KH's painting and markings guide suggests FS 36118 aka Medium Gunship Gray. Sloppy Hawk strikes again... For comparison: FS 35164 was used as the darkest pattern colour on USAF Aggressor F-5E/F aircraft wearing the so-called "New Blue" scheme. Actual camouflage colours: (KH F-5F VFC-111/VMFT-401 marking options)
  12. Nah, I'm just clearing old stocks of German beer.
  13. I'm incredibly great at walking on thin ice - virtually unparalleled. Does that count? Congrats, Ernie! Well deserved. I'll have a cold "Tannenzäpfle" on you later tonight.
  14. Ivan Ivanovich

    T minus six days...

    Interesting paint job on that MF... I really can't complain. Life's been good to us and I think I can get over the sheer lack of MiG-23s in Aotearoa. We've got Weta, lovely neighbours, landscape, gumboots and vodka.