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  1. Nowadays, a livery of FS 35237 allover with an FS 36320 coated radome would be more "authentic". Same finish as used on Bundesluftwaffle Eurofighters/Typhoons... I must admit (quite reluctantly), that a Mirage 2000C in mid-1980s Norm 81A/Norm 81B scheme seems strangely alluring.... 1983-ish Luftwaffle F-4F in Norm 81A livery:
  2. Meanwhile, in a digital parallel universe called DCS...
  3. I wasn't aware we were sharing the same foxhole back then... ^^
  4. If my mind serves me well, the Matchbox He 115 was the very first model kit I got...
  5. The Mirage 2000C and its export variants: (RDM/RDI radar) Mirage 2000 RDM/RDI single-seater instrument panel - typical 1970s clock shop: The hybrid Mirage 2000I: The Mirage 2000-5 family: (RDY/RDY-2 radar, despite their external similarity, a fairly different breed of animals) Day... And night... ARMEE DE L'AIR twin-seaters: The 2000N was retired from service in 2018: The Mirage 2000D will soldier on until 2030:
  6. Oy! Stay safe, gents!
  7. I really love the subtle irregularities. Great attention to detail, in fact. A couple of years ago, I watched a vintage Pathé newsreel featuring the bomber production in the UK during WW2. One of my personal highlights was a worker, most likely a sign painter in his civilian life, painting the fuselage roundels of a Lanc or Wellington freehand. No masks whatsoever, only chalk lines.
  8. I've got the very first run of Mastercasters goodies - cockpit set, nozzles/intakes and undercarriage set. Typical cottage-style, but still a vast improvement over the kit plastic. The 1st-run undercarriage set is virtually useless - far too weak "as is". But you're right, the basic kit is a great canvas just waiting to be filled with life and loads of TLC.
  9. I've got one of those (2nd edition) Hobbycrap monsters somewhere sitting in a box...along with all three Mastercasters sets. Had to wrestle them out of Jay's pockets. Literally... MASSIVE. Even in 48th scale. Monogram Doggo for scale:
  10. I find the lack of 1/32 CF-105 decals utterly disturbing. But not quite as disturbing as the lack of a 1/32 CF-105 per se...
  11. The DCA would kill me... The 2000D/N boxart makes me cringe, though...
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