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  1. It seems like Mrs. Miasyan In fact, it didn't get any better... Mrs. Minasyan eventually deceased in 2007.
  2. And now imagine a doctor's handwriting in Russian cursive....
  3. Ceterum censeo we need a family of 32nd scale Dassault Mystères...
  4. Being an outspoken Sci-Fi nut and professing Trekkie, DUST and GC Bros are two of my favourite Youtube channels - entertaining, innovative and refreshingly non-mainstream. My Domestic Command Authority loves them too. Too bad some of the featured flicks are just too short...
  5. Victor has become allergic to latex and cleaning products in general. He's now taking care of the house plants.
  6. No cheques. Cash only. But no worries. I'll send Kolya and Gleb to collect the money from you.
  7. Literally: "Your free trial period of online Russian translations has expired." Analogous translation: "Donbass Avengers/Avengers of Donbass"
  8. Gaz, The picture you posted shows an RB-series nozzle. Slightly different animal. See Martin's previous post. P/PD/PDS/PU afterburner nozzle assembly: RB versus P/PD/PDS nozzle: Amigo Models versus ICM kit plastic:
  9. Keeping my fingers crossed it's only a temporary disturbance in the Force. Think like a Proton. Always positive.
  10. Good choice on the Furball sheet and the Big Ed set! A small primer on Naval Fighter Weapons School F-5E/F Tigers: Covering a period of 11 years (1976-1987), the Furball sheet invariably depicts very early F-5E models whereas the KH plastic is representative of late F-5E airframes. During the early 1980s, some of the aircraft were modified with shark noses and enlarged LERXs. The Furball sheet labels such aircraft accordingly. So you might want to watch out... Furball 1976, 1977 and 1980 marking options: Early Northrop seat. Replaced by the Northrop Improved Seat during 1981/1982. Technically speaking, and only in case you'd like to build one of the very early pre-1982 Top Gun Tigers, you'd need an early ejection seat... Features of Naval Fighter Weapons School/Top Gun F-5E models: (or how do they differ from the KH kit plastic) No RWR antennas/fairings (sand down and fill the fwd blisters and cut the rear fuselage RWR fairing mounting plug) No vertical tail VOR/ILS antenna (integral part of the kit's vertical part, a sanding stick will do the job in no time) No canopy ECS vent (careful filling and sanding) No ventral chaff/flare dispenser (omit parts B12/B37) Early nose landing gear strut and wheel doors (not included in the kit, but part of the Eduard Big Ed set) Depending on the selected marking option, the kit plastic may require backdating - installing the original ogival pointed radome (part E72) as well as cutting back the kit wings LERXs to replicate the original smaller area LERX. RWR blisters, etc. (No RWR equipment on NFWS Tigers) The blister's plastic is paper thin, hence requiring some minor filling. Piece of cake... Vertical tail VOR/ILS antenna: (No VOR/ILS on NFWS Tigers) Another walk in the park... Canopy ECS vent: Not present on USAF/NAVY/USMC F-5E airframes. Exception: ex-Swiss AF F-5N aircraft. Ventral chaff/flare dispenser: (not present on any USAF/NAVY/USMC F-5E/F aircraft. Exception: Early NAVY/USMC F-5N aircraft) Later F-5F style NLG strut and wheel doors: (NFWS F-5Es inavriably had the early NLG door assembles) Eduard to the rescue: NFWS F-5Es invariably had the early NLG doors. Backdating the F-5E/F LERX configuration: Kitty Hawk: enlarged LERX Original LERX design as used on early F-5E/F airframes with pointed ogival radome: Just cut along the dashed red line, a few subtle strokes with the sanding stick, and Bob's your uncle. HTH
  11. NMF rear fuselage: You can go with the ICM painting guide. Sorta characteristic for late PD/PDS models. Variation #1: Overall grey topcoat save for the areas immediately adjacent to the afterburner nozzles. Variaton #2: Unpainted lower fuselage engine access covers. (Individual aircraft had the paint also stripped off the ventral fins) Variation #3: Commonly found on late airframes. HTH
  12. For what it's worth, "bort 56" is a PDS. PDS a/c were converted from earlier MiG-25P airframes, hence featuring the early "pointed" parabrake fairing. The latter is not included in the kit. Early parabrake housing: Parabrake housing as found on MiG-25PD aircraft: (MiG-25PDs were new-built a/c) Another particularity of 146th GIAP MiG-25PDS was the club-shaped wingtip anti-flutter balance weight. Also, not included.
  13. It depends... The rear fuselage right in front of the afterburner nozzles usually remained unpainted. Which marking option are you going to build? This one?
  14. Oy! Comme c'est beau! Si rangé. Si propre. Speaking of Stupidly Long Rifles... I'd give someone else's right arm and kidney for a decent SLR. Or an ex-Bundeswehr/BGS G1. One of those mythical baby-poop green Rhodesian ones would be a dream come true...
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