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  1. 20 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Great finish on the foiled Mig, Gary, the shine is outstanding. Love to see, what you do with the figures, it's 48 scale, right... :icon_eek:.

    Cheers Rob

    Thank you!  The finish will change as weathering progresses.  Yep...  1/48.  I don't imagine that these guys will get the attention that a 1/35 guy does.

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  2. Comrades!

          Our intrepid pilot...


    He is from CZplusmodels.  Pretty hard to find, actually.

    And...   because every commie needs a comrade:


    He not only gets a comrade with a steering wheel...   but a Tamiya Gaz 67 Jeep comes with it.



    I had to mill out the seat with my Dremel to make him sit in a closer-to-human-normal fashion.  I wanted to get him situated before I added detail to the Gaz.


    And then I had an inspiration to mill out the seats a little and add some texture.  I'll do more, later.  The plastic fuzzies really obscure your idea of what you've actually done looks like.  So I knock them down with a bit of Tamaiy extra thin.  I love a glue that has more than one purpose!

    Now...   I have to go research Soviet uniforms of the period.  I know that in the 80's they had different colored shoulder boards for different types of units.  I'm not so sure about the 50's, tho.  Martin?

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  3. Kaiser is home!


    Gypsy says "Welcome back!"



    On the good stuff...   until Saturday.



    Zonked out.  Our dogs love these beds.  I allowed him to have his "bone time" bone inside the house.  Once a day we have "bone time".  Usually right after I get home from work.  But on my days off, they seem to see 9AM as "bone time".

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  4. 16 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    Outstanding, simply a beautiful finish - the polished aluminum is surely the Real McCoy and I'm right with Mark - need my Ray Bans.

    Is this as far as you're going with the Mig? Fingers crossed you will take it to completion. 



    Thank you Peter.  It's nowhere near done.  When finished it will be in a small dio hopefully looking like an operational machine.

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  5. So...   anyway.

        Weathering the aluminum actually happens all through the process.  And I didn't want my MiG to look like a patchwork quilt.  So, to help it along, we polish the aluminum with aluminum polish(found at the local car parts and accessories store).  After polishing we clean any residue off with acetone.


    After that I painted all of the non-foiled parts.  

    I took some inside and outside photos to give you a better idea about it's current state.








    Now, it needs to dry for a bit.  Pretty much over this kit for now.  Gonna play with something else.

    Happy modelling!

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  6. Hello friends. 

       I finally got hold of some real thin foil.  Thinner than I've ever used.  But...   I feel like I've lost my touch.  These panels just don't work out as well as they did a few years ago when I did the last one.  Tiny errors.  More slips of the hand.  My vision, not what it was.


    Here is the new bling...  in the sun.




    Weathering....   Will tone it down a bit I reckon.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

    Yep.  Once, back in the day, single seater Wingnut kits were less than $60 shipped right to your door. That’s half what a Tamiya kit was selling for. 

    I was gonna comment on the 150....  But decided not to do it.  But 60 bucks?  When I first learned of them the single seaters were already $90 plus postage.  How long ago were the 60?


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