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  1. Hello Chaps...  

            That's such a British thing...   Chaps.  But aren't those the leather pants open at the back, popular at some night clubs?  Anyway...   I digress from the reason for this post.

            Today I did a bit more to the build.  i started by using pigments to add rust effects on extra track links, selected tools and towing equipment, the exhausts, and the stowage bins.





    And in previous days, I've worked on the base.  I added stones collected from my yard, acrylic paint, Citadel washes, and some faux vegetation.





    I imagine...   that you're wondering about the cloudy white on the base.  That's actually acrylic media.  I've had some kicking around the house for a while that I decided to use it to make some shallow puddles.  I had originally gotten it to make water bases for ship models.  Hopefully when it is dried, it will be clear.

    The next operation is to finish the tank, glue it to the base, and then, add mud that should appear as if it's been squeezed to the sides of the tracks.  I don;t really have a plan for that yet.  Hopefully I can come up with something that looks real.


    Any ideas?


    Happy modelling!

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  2. 13 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    Noting like a Gift Certificate or cash for a birthday present - removed the hesitation from buying what we want/need regardless of price (sometimes).

     Nice chipping and damage to the Zimmerit - looks so good. So glad to see the base coming together as it adds time and place.

    Keep 'em comin


    Thank you, Peter. 

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  3. 19 hours ago, DocRob said:

    I like your base very much, the proportions are densed in a very appealing way, exactly the right size for the project. I wouldn't have used black for base, but don't like the silver either. I would sand the sides more smooth and would use a brown tone, which contrasts well to the sand color of the Panther and surface, but not too dark, to distract from the scene :2c:.

    Cheers Rob

    Thanks for your input, Rob.  The color of the soil isn't determined as of yet.  The stuff I mixed from Sand, paint (very cheap paint), Future, and acrylic putty is just the first layer.   It's really too grainy for it's intended purpose of vehicle mud.  I'm just kinda fudging my way through it with stuff around the house and trying not to buy those products made for modellers to buy.

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  4. Anyway...

         I've decided not to put foliage on this tank.  It is something i should have prepared for from the beginning if I were to do it. 

    So today I did the next to last thing on the tank excluding the matte coat.  I used paint to simulate the damaged bits of zimmerit paste which is damaged and not painted over.

    I also worked on the base.  Puttying, sanding, and adding some textures to the ground. 

    I'm not sure about the external color of the base.  Many use black.  But it seems very stark.  I have used silver here.  What do you guys think?





    Happy Modelling!

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  5. 9 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

    Gaz, absolutely awesome build, looking forward to seeing more. The new acquisition of the Tamiya Famo  & Tank Transporter has 12 figures with it…….12, I mean, I struggle at 1 or maybe 2……..

    Thank you, Phil.  Doing nine guys was a big jump for me.  I did 4 and then 5.  It's still a bit torturous for me.  I separated the two groups inadvertently, but I think since they had so much uniform (clothing) differences, it worked out better.  I accept less than perfect results with each one hoping that I learn a little bit with each figure and maybe get a little bit better.  Last thing I want is to get bogged down in the search of perfection. 


    I'd look forward to your build as I want to get into artillery builds, too.  Artillery is always manpower heavy.

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  6. 3 hours ago, DocRob said:

    After a long sanding session, where I thinned the stern considerably to accept the sternpost and the rest of the hull now ready to receive some filler, I turned my attention to an area, which I dread a little. The stern is very complex, many parts meet with a delicate geometry there and I will prepare myself with a little test fitting.

    I figured, If I put the stern fairings (the planked looking stern parts) flat onto the remaining spars of the fuselage, there is not enough room to accept the rudder. I have to cheat the geometry a bit here. It was also important to find the right position for the stern fascia (the part with the windows), as it's not overly clear shown in the instructions, where a pic from the inside would have helped.
    All in all, I took my time breeding for more than two hours about the area and hope I have a cunning plan now.

    Cheers Rob


    Rob, .

       The ends of the ship are always the most "fun".   It's probably a lot worse when you have to worry about planks that need to show an look good.

    But never trust your spell check. 

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    Welcome back, my friends! 

    One of my birthday gifts was a gift certificate for a local art store chain.  So today I went and bought some very expensive Windsor and Newton sable brushes.  I also went to the LHS and bought some sheet balsa and a few bottles of paint.  Perused a few interesting kits...  but I wasn't interested in the prices.


    So, I set about to work on the base.  After attaching the first panel with PVA, I realized I didn't have any thumbtacks to hold the balsa to the foam.  I clamped the one side, but then realised that it was both a clunky method, and couldn't cover enough points around the perimeter.  I sent a hurried text off to the missus who is out having a spa day asking for some tacks...   but being impatient as ever I really wanted to have this thing dry in the morning.   ... so, I looked about and discovered a had a fair few 3/8" brass wood screws.  Here is the newer layout.





    Happy modelling!


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  8. 11 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Wow, impressive Gaz, I like your mud application and weathering, which blends perfectly. I always thought about mud in a layering way, with dry, partly dry and sticky wet parts. I also like the spots you applied the mud, as sometimes you see models, where mud was applied in places, very hard to soil with it. Yours look spot on.

    The Tannenbaum, well it looks not exactly like a Christmas tree, but could resemble a small larch. With the light passing through in the firs pis, it appears to be very natural.

    Cheers Rob 


    8 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

    Nice attention to detail Gaz. Me likey,



    8 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    So glad the Panther is back on the bench and the weathering is continuing, as it looks so realistic; tracks with using oils for the mud is spot on.

    Now the Christmas tree ... something I never would have thought about and wish I I had some ideas.

    Keep 'em comin




    Thank you fellas.  Still more to do...  including a base and some minor work on the spots where the Zimmerit has chipped off.

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