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  1. My kit had indy links on the sprue. And now assembled, I can't really complain. They are unusual because they have areas hollowed out as a weight reduction method. I've tried to show it in the way I painted the tracks. Though, I reckon they may show better once I graphite them. The tracks I have are a little soft on the detail. I imagine yours look better. That's the beauty of it, the 'in-elegance'. I have found the same boxing as mine for sale... but not the newer. And since I already have it... no point in looking again.
  2. Love all of those deck details! Nice work! The cannon are especially nice.
  3. Yes, you have a newer boxing than mine. Mine was the 1994 original. In the two successive boxings, there were some great upgrades. But the new ones are hard to come by. Did you get a metal barrel with it?
  4. Do you have the nylon mesh, or a metal mesh? Mine doesn't even look woven.
  5. Thank you, Peter. Still, the most difficult trials lie ahead.
  6. Thank you! Yes, Rob that is exactly what it is for. The gap between the wires is only .4mm which is correct for scale. The fly-screen that comes with the kit has gap of more than 1mm.
  7. Hello friends! Modelling has been a bit slow lately. Not because I haven't had much time. I've been using a bit of my spare time playing Verdun on the Xbox One. It the first console game I've ever really gotten into. Anyway... onto the model... It took a bit of searching, but I've finally found some brass mesh that's in-scale to the model. The only problem is, that I had to order it from the People's Republic. There were two shipping options, and the quickest and most expensive only guaranteed it's arrival five days earlier than the standard rate... which is scheduled to arrive June 24. But that's OK. I still have a lot of work to do, and other kits to build. So, after adding the tracks and shaping everything to the base, I was able to apply the camo. The colors are definitely not in my usual pallette, but correct for the period for when this vehicle was built at Alkett. Then, I did some enamel washes to give a patina of old grime. Then I did a detail paint with aqueous acrylics. I even used a little bit of pigments here and there. I'm doing all of this to the chassis now, because afterwards there is a lot of fragile photo-etch to add. And I want to avoid knocking pieces off if possible. Tomorrow, I will add a few more bits of enamel wash and then attach the superstructure. There'll be a bit of seam work, too. Thanks for looking!
  8. Thank you for the detailed description, Rob. "mercurial personality and lots of training in Martial Arts" isn't a description of me. I made him up as the kind of person you wouldn't want to piss off.
  9. "It lieth low near merry England’s heart Like a long-buried sin; and Englishmen Forget that in its death their sires had part. And, like a sin, Time lays it bare again.........Oh, look a..........Squirrel !! Where is this phrase... minus the squirrel part, from?
  10. Rob, Love the solution to the wheels. I've always thought about buying a Proxxon Mini lathe. Have you turned much brass with it? Would you recommend it to a nearby friend who is known to have a mercurial personality and lots of training in Martial Arts? Cannon looks so cool.
  11. The decals really bring it to life! looks awesome!
  12. NOw this one has to be my favorite of yours! Mightily impressed!
  13. Harrr... now she can be dis-masted with a well aimed broadside. Keep up the good work, Rob.
  14. Wow... the toothpick really makes it appear small. Nice work so far.
  15. More great progress, Kai! It's interesting to see all of the interior plumbing you have added. electronics are so beyond me. I can wire stuff together... but don;t really understand how to use a circuit board like you're using.
  16. Could this be Genghis Kahn? https://ancient.express88.info/mongolia-archaeologists-unearth-tomb-of-genghis-khan/?fbclid=IwAR2x9psnkHcSrqFVAnHQnjsgcYaXJvQzYoFlrNp7wjQXbxAJ_r7EbduKv_c
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