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    WWII, but German Armors, 1/35 principally and in 2nd. instance, modern armors WW. My another hobby is the Philately!

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  1. Nice Diorama GazzaS, the effect on the wheels looks very good! Regards! Rodolfo
  2. Nice diorama, the figure looks very good too! Regards! Rodolfo
  3. Hello friends! Here one of my last works. The T-72M1, known in Iraq as the Lion of Babylon or Asad Babil (Arabic: اسد بابل) is a version of the Soviet T-72 tank, produced at the Bumar Labedy S.A. factory. Tamiya 1/35 - This Kit contains Commander figure, Commander hatches can be open or closed, photo cut for radiator grille, detailed 12.7mm machine gun, and plastic tubing for fuel tank. I hope you like it!
  4. Hello friends! Work finished, please go to: Tiger I, Otto Carius, Malinovka Thanks for see my WIP Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Hello friends! Here is my last work: Tiger I, tank No. 2017 from Otto Carius / Battle of Malinovka (Malinova), 1944 Kit: Otto Carius/, Tiger I Mid Production - Cyberhobby / Dragon Zimmerit number No.74, 1/35 * I used A-MIG paints and pigments + enamel odourless thinner * Tamiya paints with Lacquer thinner * Humbrol paints with Humbrol enamel thinner * Local pigments * A.MIG Lucky Varnish satin and matt I not had any problem with my mixes. Work in progress here: Tiger I - Otto Carius, Malinovka
  6. Thanks harv! I am finishing some small details, after of this I will apply A.MIG-Lucky Matt Varnish and paint the preriscopes and ready!.
  7. More details: Spare tracks retouched with Oilbrush brown, red tile and white. Tracks with european hearth pigments and sprayed with pigment fix (local product) and retouched with graphite; finally some small scratches, now is ready for mounting and to give final details.
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