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    WWII, but German Armors, 1/35 principally and in 2nd. instance, modern armors WW. My another hobby is the Philately!

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  1. Thanks for your kind comment Axeman! Regards Rodolfo
  2. Thanks for your kind comments Mike!. Not, these tracks they coming with the kit. Regards! Rodolfo
  3. Hello friends! I finished my project; for weathering I used Humbrol paints, white and dark-earth, added a Panzer Commander, you can see my work at: https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6680-stug-iii-ausf-f-sdkfz-1421-135-dragon/ Regards! Rodolfo
  4. Hello friends! Here is my last work, I hope you like it. StuG. Abteilung 191, Eastern Front 1942 Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Thanks for your comments and observations friends!. A few ago minutes I changed the color, now I am working the weathering. Regards! Rodolfo
  6. Thanks for your kind comment GazzaS More updates: Mud on the wheels and more on tracks using: Vallejo, acrylic-resin (paste), brown-earth mixed with Humbrol #10 Gloss, Dark-earth. Regards! Rodolfo
  7. More updates! Tools are ready!. Paints used Vallejo and Humbrl: cleaning rods, V-Model Color- #984, flat-brown, V-MC#70912,tan-yellow and H- #56, metallic. Cutting pliers, V-Model Color #70818 red-leather mixed with V-MC#981 orange- brown (50-50), and the rest with V-MC#984, flat-brown and H-#56 metallic. Mud on the tracks using: Vallejo, acrylic-resin (paste), brown-earth Retouching the tracks with Humbrol #27002, Metalcote polished Aluminium. Regards! Rodolfo
  8. Thanks for the observation, I am changing them Regards! Rodolo
  9. More updates! Camouflage and decals are ready!. For the camo I used: Vallejo / Model Air #71012, dark-green. Regards! Rodolfo
  10. More updates: Before to airbrush the tracks and wheels I used Parafilm for cover the sides. Paint used: Vallejo #71056, black-grey. Now, airbrushed the rest of the armor with no protection on the tracks and wheel, the effect will be natural when I start the weathering, (only a small retouch in the wheels and track sides). Paint used: Vallejo #71028, sand-yellow; and the interior of hatches were painted with: AMMO MIG Interior Color, #A.MIG017, cremeweiss. Next step: Camo. Add the decals. Paint the tools and treat the tracks continuing the weathering assambling the side plates. Regards! Rodolfo
  11. hello frieds! Thanks for your comments!. Really is easy, the arms of assemble it coming with great definition in order to glue to the hull. I need space for paint the tracks, with the plates added is not possible in a 90% (above) because the space is reduce. I can also comfortably paint the tools on the back, do it with the assembled plates is possible, but a bit uncomfortable. Regards! Rodolfo
  12. I applied the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, now I will wait some hours before to start the painting! Regards! Rodolfo
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