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    WWII, but German Armors, 1/35 principally and in 2nd. instance, modern armors WW. My another hobby is the Philately!

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  1. Excellent work my friend! Regards! Rodolfo
  2. Yes, the P39 is a nice bird, interested in following your project! Regards! Rodolfo
  3. Thanks for your kind comments friend!. I am working in the Commander figure (The figures are not my specialty but I'm trying ) Regards! Rodolfo
  4. Hello friends!. Finally I finished my Tiger Number 121, from the 1 - Schwer Panzer - Abteilung 501, Tunisia. ( know that this tank it not carried the front support for track, but I comited a mistake and I decided to leave it, sorry!). Work in prgogress here: Tiger Ausf. I E/H Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Thanks for your kind comments Gaz. I finished the Tiger, now is is in Finished Work here! Regards! Rodolfo
  6. Thanks friends!!!. More pics!. I applied another weathering with Vallejo Pigments. (I have not finished fine tuning the details yet). Regards! Rodolfo
  7. Thanks again for your kind comments @Jeff More pics: I applied a ligth weathering with solvent spirit and oils with yellow naples. Next step: working the tracks and after I will outline or retouch with pigments and final weathering with airbrush. Regards! Rodolfo
  8. I want to share with us one of my past works. I hope you like it!. Tamiya 1/35 -Voyager Photoetched and tracks of Friulmodels Blitzkrieg! - Greece 1941 Painting: 1.- I started to paint. First I applied the white color as coat base because grey over the plastic grey not is very recommendable 2.- Painted the model with grey-panzer Decals: Of the kit using "Micro Sol" before to add the decals and "Micro Set" for fix them. Detailing and Weathering: I applied during three days 3 filters and the results was a little change in the color, please check the following pics with the previous before of the filters. The tools were painted too. I Added a little impact on the front fender. Filters: I used turpentine spirit 95% mixed with humbrol 5% - 1st. dark earth (gloss) #10 - 2nd. matt iron-grey # 92 and 3rd. matt steel grey # 87. Tools: Jack, metal bars, metal box and hooks with Humbrol mettalic gunmetal # 53, wooden bars and box with matt white # 34 first and over it leather brown # 62 and finally the tweezers with Vallejo orange-brown # 981 I made a weathering in the hull and surface using a mixed of turpentine spirit and oils. In the chassis and wheels was added a mix of white pigments and Mr. Surfacer 1000 of Gunze for make a dry earth. For the tracks I used Metalcotte black (special for the metal pieces) and after dry I added a light touch of leather brown of Humbrol and painted with Vallejo chocolat-brown. Finished with airbrush of Tamiya's buff and flat-earth. Pigments on the muflers Regards! Rodolfo
  9. Great work, the detail of the tank going up the hill is excellent! Regards! Rodolfo
  10. Thanks for your kind comments @Jeff . Normally I paint the wheels and tools for separate, sometimes not. I am returning to build again after of 4.5 years and I commeted one mistake with the front of this Tiger. All we have talent, it is only patience and relax NOTE: Sorry, I forgot to remove the front support for tracks, remove now is to destroy the front and re-start again , I prefer to use adding the tracks . I proceeded to make a light wash with "matt trainer yellow" Humbrol #24 thinned with Enamel Thinner of Humbrol. As you see, the colour has been changed satisfactorily to the color I was looking for.. Next step: Weathering. Regards! Rodolfo
  11. Thanks for your kind comments Phil!. More pics! Details of tools, wheels and tracks!. I will retouch 1 tool. Next step: Coat of Satin Varnish of Vallejo and Decals. I do not recommend using matt varnish because it can whiten the model. Using the satin varnish is better because the washes "runs" for better down or where you want the filters Regards! Rodolfo
  12. Super-sherman, nice version; I like Tamiya, the quality is always very good!. Excellent WIP. Regards! Rodolfo
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