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  1. Looking forward to seeing yours. Did you receive your kit yet?
  2. Putting together the last major parts. Prime and paint next.
  3. I like these type of models also. Nice change of pace but yet you can use the same modeling skills as for military armor. Did a little bit of chipping on the track assemblies. I have decided not to include the covers over back wheel. Leaving it similar to the photo of the dozer above. Gives it more interest to me.
  4. I had started to use Cadmium-Barium yellow deep oil paint in some areas. It tones down the yellow a little bit. I used it on the back of the seat lip and the cap. Not sure if it is noticeable in the picture but you can see a difference in person. Plan on using different shades of yellow oil paint to give it a faded and worn the picture I basing my color on was this one which is a brighter yellow but I do see others with a more orange look to the yellow. I love the discussion. Looking forward to more feed back. anyone know the best method to get a faded/worn black seat? Thinking of dry brushing a lighter brown color.
  5. Hoping the oil paints I will use tone down the yellow some.
  6. The plastic is not bad. Sanding is good but there is just so much of it due to the spruce gates. I did the chipping but I did not want it rusting, just used and worn Most of the painted parts have a clear coat. I like using Alclad Aqua gloss clear. If you put down thin layers it looks more like a satin or semi gloss look. Time for the washes and oil. Going to use different shades of yellow oil paint to get a faded look. We will see how it goes. Some more updated photos.
  7. Most of the engine painted. Did a little chipping, especially the fan, but did not want it heavily chipped around the engine but will build up dirt and grime. The only section I have heavily worn is the tow connection at the back with most to the yellow paint worn off. Basically, only had a very light coast of yellow is spots and then slowly removed it. I have progress and will update with more.
  8. Now it was time for some yellow paint. and getting it into the small areas of the engine. Then started the chipping. The engine cover from underneath the bulldozer is chipped and worn figuring that would have the greatest wear. Also weathered the support bar/suspension. Not as chipped as I felt it would be protected some what by the engine plate.
  9. Started to add the base layer that will be seen after chipping. Used a combination of red brown and black mix as well as straight red brown. You can see it on the track assembly and engine plate cover (bottom of the bulldozer). Once sprayed, I put a coat of AK interactive worn affects.
  10. At this point I have the engine together and put it on it frame. Took me a while to figure out how to run the fuel injection wiring. During the building I was trying to determine the best time to put an initial coat of paint down as some of it will be hard to get at if you go any further. I had also put the together the track assemblies and placed the from on top of it. Starting to look closer to a bulldozer. At this point I assembled the fruilmodel tracks and checked the fit. They fit perfectly. You can see the seat assembly in the back ground along with the track rollers.
  11. Here are two examples of the numerous sprue gates on thin parts. Most can be cleaned up by taking your time but over all I broke two while sanding.
  12. The kit starts with the engine. Replace the molded on plate, not sure what it is called, with plastic sheet and punched out bold. The seam went in between and was not easy to clean up. Well worth it as this is highly visible once the floor plates are put in. Progress on with most of the engine.
  13. Back in February I put a hold on my M4A3 Sherman in an effort to finish a model for the local NJIPMS contest in the beginning of April. Figuring I would not be able to finish the Sherman in time. I already had the MiniArt US Bulldozer (civilian version) at home and thought why not, thinking I could finish it in time. Well, the contest was moved to August but I would not have been able to finish it on time. I under estimated the amount of time required to clean up the numerous and thick sprue gates on each part, even the thin cabling and levers. Reading some other reviews I decided to replace the kits track with fruilmodel tracks which I think look great and were easy to assemble. The only other thing added was some wiring. Let me show you some of the progress to date.
  14. Did some work on the wet stowage. Seems to low of an angle but reference photos I have show it at that height below the sponson.
  15. Great work so far. Love the scratch built bits. Looking forward to the rest of the build.
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