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  1. Thanks guys. Added some brackets/clamps (not sure it that is what they are called) to the air filters last night. You can see them in the Technical Manual photo. I believe the hold the filter in place. Working on the latches to the battery storages box. Tim
  2. Looking forward to see how the Quinta instruments look.
  3. Did a little more work this weekend. Not as much as I would have liked. Finished building the Jerry Can storage. One of the pictures shows the kit storage which is the same height as the 1/35 jerry can. I wanted to show one spot open. Included nuts that would have held the unit in place. Second picture is the the jerry cans temporarily in place. Also glued the generator cover to the transmission and added bolts. Shortened the depth of the seats. They are ready for painting. Lastly, added the oil cooler and then the new handles to the air cleaner service opening doors an
  4. Great work on the Sherman.
  5. Good question about the seat. The seats were adjustable, being able to move up and down and backward and forward. I do have another picture were the driver and asst. driver seats are not parallel. In addition, the asst. drivers seat can fold forward for better access to the escape hatch. Not sure if the drivers seat does that. That got me thinking and I needed to double check were my seat was placed. I just checked and I think the seat was leaning backwards (as it was only held down with blue tack) and the plate underneath slid backwards. I adjusted both of those items and it look
  6. Test fitted the scratch built seat. I think it should work fine. Just need to shorten the depth of the seat.
  7. The second seat was already built. I was thinking of shortening the depth of the seat and using the kits seat cushion and possibly the back of the seat if I can get it to fit. When you take out the turret the seats are visible.
  8. Continued on the engine compartment dry fitting the fans and worked on the fan belts doing some scratch building as I am trying to get two belts showing were the kit has only one. Scratch built the periscope holders on top of the transmission housing since the kit has them molded in. Below the power train assembly is what I scratch build for the M4A3 I was building from an Asuka kit (previous work in progress that I did not complete). Came pretty close to what the kit has in size and dimensions. On the differential housing I added casting marks (under the primer holder, photo etch).
  9. Amazing work. The camo uniforms are incredible. Stunning.
  10. How is the fit of the Zoukei-Mura kit? I have not built one yet.
  11. Most of the engine bay electrical, fuel and fire extinguisher system wiring/plumbing is done. Only ones left that I will connect after the engine is installed. added some photo etch to the back of the oil cooler. That was extra I had for the P-51 I was working on previously. The pattern of the photo etch is better than bare plastic. Also did some work on installing the electrical lines in the fighting compartment. That is all for now.
  12. This looks great! What color of green did you use? I see a light green bottle.
  13. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your work on the RFM Pz IV H.
  14. Progress is slow. Trying to work through how to connect the “electrical lines”, fire extinguisher system, and fuel lines but at the the same time keeping the fire wall removable. Drilled out the fire extinguisher nozzle openings, and added lines back the the fire wall. Bottom of the compartment is part of the fuel lines and then the electrical line on the sponson cover plate wall. Added a few details to the fire extinguisher cylinder heads. That’s it for now.
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