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  1. Thanks Jeff. Waiting to see your D7 next.
  2. Thank you. It took a lot longer than I anticipated.
  3. Well, it is finally done. Created my own exhaust stack. Added wiring for the lights running the wiring under the floor plate and have it connected to an on/off switch. Added dirt to the tracks and dozer blade. Here are some pictures of end result. Tim
  4. Do you think the wiring for the lights went down the inside of the poles or outside. I have not found any pictures with the lights as they have them in the kit.
  5. Well, the carpet monster struck. I lost one of the clear plastic head light covers leaving only 3. Developed an alternate plan to show it as damaged. Use brass tubing to make the socket where the light would go and fittings around it. Also found a photo etched ring that fits the outer rim of the housing. Just need to paint it. Glued the cabling supports in the front and rear and tested the cross beam bottom.
  6. Building my own exhaust stack. Looks better that the kits. added some weather with pigments around the tracks and the blade.
  7. Amazing work. Love the scratch built items. When I do that and add the wires etc and show my wife she rolls her eyes and says “so it Actually runs now?” . Tim
  8. Hi Ron, glad I can help. More weatherIng to come with pigments
  9. Hi Jeff, I used a mix of XF-3 yellow and a little XF-64 NATO brown. Mission models has a construction yellow that I tried to get close to. I did not use it as I was afraid of to big of chips using that paint. The chipping color was the nato brown and black. If I would do the chipping color again I would you just red brown or the nato brown. The cover on the engine and the roof cover I used a lighter yellow oil paint trying to get a faded affect.
  10. Did some more weathering around the engine and fuel stains around the fuel cap. Glued the cover for the engine, attached the tracks and tested the blade and driver cover. I keep testing different ways to apply the pigments. Getting near the end of the build. Also, finally put up the paint racks this weekend. Gives me more space around the desk.
  11. Did more weathering on the engine. Still more to do by the fan. Next I finished up the seat as well as the weathered the back of it. The exhaust stack (white styrene) I am planning on replacing. The kit part is not that good for detail. Did some more weathering at the bottom of the track area and around the inside of the front wheel. That is it for now more to come. Still have some dirt to add as well as the cabling between the front and the back.
  12. Looking forward to seeing this one, especially the tracks.
  13. Ok. The one remaining gear shift (really not sure what it is for) I have broken and repaired 3 times. Hopefully that will be the last. Worked on the seats with a brown layer underneath, then hairspray and a coat of nato black, lighter on the raised areas. Pin washes on the cover and cable structures as well as installing the cabling on the rear. Applied engine dirt and grime on one side. More to come.
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