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  1. Added detail lines for the Priming pump and Hand Throttle. Replaced the hand throttle as the kit part went flying into the abyss. I think it looks better than the kit part did. Then spent two evenings cleaning up one set of tracks. Finally, parts cleaned and ready for painting and then primed. Hopefully I can get some white put down over the next week. I need to start painting so I can get this done by the end of March in time for the local IPMS contest. Tim
  2. Back from my holiday vacation. Worked on replacing the belt in the engine area. I will see if I want to use it or not when I go to install it and see how visible it is. The reason I want to change it is that it has two bands but the kit part is only shows one. I am just not 100% feeling good about the scratch built part. Planning on starting to paint individual interior parts next weekend. Tim
  3. Love the detail. Amazing work. Tim
  4. The interior is looking fantastic. Cannot wait for the rest of the build. Tim
  5. Amazing scratch building. Great work … tim
  6. Looking forward to this one. I like interior detail. Tim
  7. Did a test fit of the majority of the hull interior. Not shown but tested the support bar for the floor plating and needed to remove the fire suppression connection (will relocate it). Good thing I tested it before any painting. Just need to work on the generator around the transmission area and the drive shaft. After that I think I can start painting the individual items. Tim
  8. My wife always asks, does it actually run…. 😆
  9. Added small details this week. On the firewall added air cleaner door chains, shutter controls (upper left corner and right corner). Once the engine compartment is done and painted, I can add "cabling" to the doors which I will display open. Hinge detail and latches to the ammo storage behind the asst. driver position and finally added the extra headlight storage on top of the battery box and the 30 cal ammo storage clasps. The ammo portion is removal at this point for easy painting. The photo etch over the 30 cal ammo boxes is security by only a little bit of super glue. I have knocked them off numerous times. A few more small details and I should be able to start to paint this area. that is it for now. Tim
  10. I ordered a set for the Meng 1/48 F/A-18E from Hobby Nut and he said there was a delay receiving additional stock due to Quinta be closed temporarily due to. Covid out break for a couple of weeks but are back open but behind and trying to get caught up. Tim
  11. Good progress this week. Added plumbing and cabling for the fire suppression system. The extinguishers themselves are not glued in yet and will be painted before being glued. Added the plumbing for the fuel priming. That is the brass wiring that connects to the firewall. Left connections at the front of the drivers area to connect from the priming pump when the transmission housing is added. Did temporary wiring to the dashboard and did the back of the dashboard with connection points. Cabling to the collector ring which is secured to the storage area attached to the ammo storage. Still "flexible cabling" to be added connecting the collector ring. Finally, some wiring for the Auxiliary Generator. I feel I am moving faster on this section. The goal is to be painting the interior subassemblies by January. Tim
  12. thanks guys I plan on displaying with the turret removed for any competition but can always put it on when not showing it I finally have decided on a plan of how to glue and connect the the wiring from most of the subassemblies. Also thought about cutting the fighting compartment flooring so there are three parts. The one in the middle would be glued to the from and the outer sides over the ammo storage would be able to be removed. Maybe held secure with magnets. Have not figures that out yet. But I feel it is coming along quicker now. I did paint the seats and did some weather on them. Just need to finish the backs of the seats. Tim
  13. More wiring work on the interior. Glued the firewall in place and glued the wiring to the sponson. Added wiring that would be under the battery box and connect to the dashboard. Tachometer and speedometer cabling added. Finally, built and put the submachine gun holder on the side of the spare periscope holder. Transmission cabling added to the floor of the tank thank is it for now. Tim
  14. It has been a little bit but got some work done on the interphone and blower area between the driver and assistant driver positions with wiring and a few additional details. Still have to add the radio boxes but will do that after they are painted. Included a picture from the Technical manual as well as a photo of the interior of a Sherman showing the wiring to the connections to the headlights near the control panel. Starting painting the seats but I am still weathering them. I will have that for next time. Tim
  15. Thank you. It felt good to start painting.
  16. September was busy with work and did not get any bench time. Finally got back to the bench this month. Worked on the engine this week. Primed the engine with Mr. Surfacer 1500 black. First time airbrushing Mr. Surfacer. It sprayed nicely. I usually use AK Primer and Microfiller. Then painted the exhaust tubes metal and the top of the exhaust grey as I believe this would be the portion that has the greatest amount of heat (Also found a picture with this section grey and it looked good). I then sprayed VMS Satin Varnish. This is the first time using it. It worked great just not used to putting down a wet coat when airbrushing. Next, sprayed a couple coats of hairspray and then painted the entire engine Tamiya Olive Green. Once it was dry to the touch I did chipping on the grey portion of the exhaust. This was in anticipating of showing paint wearing due to the heat. Next I gave another coat of varnish on the exhaust area. Next I added a combination of AK Rust Streaks, Dark Rust Deposits and Medium Rust Deposits. While the enamel was wet I added Medium rust pigment getting to what I liked. Then I did a pin wash with oil paint and then dry brushing with Wilder Olive Green which is still lighter than the Tamiya Olive green. Still more weathering to do. A little more spotted rust on top along with stains, dust. Until next time. Tim
  17. Back from my vacation and I was able to get some bench time over the weekend. I was attempting to remove the molded in handle detail from the kit radio but messed it up. So, I needed to scratch build a new radio, SCR-508. Luckily, I had purchased an Eduard Photo etch set for an M16 so I can get the correct latched for most of the compartment doors. In the set was photo etch for the radio. I did not want all of it, just the radio face plates for the switches. I was able to cut them out and added switches. More switches and dials to go. The protective covers around the switches were included also and I super glued photo etch on the bottom to get it raised. In trying to clean up the super glue with AK Eraser the colored portion of the photo etch came off. This is what I wanted anyways to make is easier for painting to match the rest. I also built the tray the radio sits in as a separate piece so it can be painted aluminum easier. I have more details to be added to the tray. It is a start and hopefully I can finish it up this week. Tim
  18. It is just jaw dropping, amazing work. Tim
  19. Well last weekend was the first competition for NJ IPMS (New Jersey) in 2 years. The hall was crowded with lots of entries everyone built up over the last two years. I entered two items, the U.S Bulldozer from above and a 1/48 P-51D-5. I entered the bulldozer in the trucks/commercial vehicles. I though maybe it had a chance at 3rd place. I have won 3rd place finished for a tractor 4 years ago in this category. So, I thought maybe, especially after all of the encouraging comments you gave me. Well, in the truck/commercial vehicle category I got first place. I was shocked. After that I thought well that is it. I actually thought about leaving. Turns out, good thing I did not. They then went into the special awards categories and then they called my name for Best Civilian: US Bulldozer. WOW. again I was surprised. These are firsts for me. I am sure a lot of you place high in a lot of competitions with all of the great models I see here. I think this got me motivated to get back to work on my M4A3E8 Sherman with interior. Did I mention the vendor room!!! I always spend too much. Tim
  20. Finally got back to work on the Sherman interior. Commanders side of the turret is almost done. A few small details to add such as the binoculars holder and microphones.
  21. It has been a little while since I have been able to get to the bench. Finally went to visit my mother (have not seen her in a year and a half), started running after work and then took some time and went on a mini-vacation. The good thing about the vacation is that I cam across and M4A1 76mm HVSS, what luck. Not an M4A3 but allows for some good pictures. Below are few pictures of the Sherman. Worked perfectly as I started on the suspension. Put all 6 together and test fitted the wheels on one. I plan on leaving the wheels off until after the base paint is applied. I believe I will be able to put them on but will test prior to gluing. That is it for now. Feels good to get back to the bench. Tim
  22. Absolutely amazing work!!!
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