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  1. It has been a little while since I have been able to get to the bench. Finally went to visit my mother (have not seen her in a year and a half), started running after work and then took some time and went on a mini-vacation. The good thing about the vacation is that I cam across and M4A1 76mm HVSS, what luck. Not an M4A3 but allows for some good pictures. Below are few pictures of the Sherman. Worked perfectly as I started on the suspension. Put all 6 together and test fitted the wheels on one. I plan on leaving the wheels off until after the base paint is applied. I believe I will be able to put them on but will test prior to gluing. That is it for now. Feels good to get back to the bench. Tim
  2. Thank you. Once I get the cabling done the I think I can start to paint some of the pieces. Painting the interior is making me nervous. Going to use AK Real colors off white. Seems to be a warmer white. Tim
  3. Thank you. Hopefully I can get the commanders side wall area done this week. Tim
  4. thanks Rob. It is 1/35 scale. My fingers cause more parts to go flying than the tools. Tim
  5. Still working on the turret interior. Added detail to the elector motor for the traversing mechanism and the gunners hydraulic handle. Side wall wiring continues. Wiring is not glued to the control box. It will be easier to paint the control box separately and then glue it to the wall. Then I can glue the cables to it. that is it for now. Tim
  6. You have no idea (well maybe we all do) how many times I have visited the carpet monster. Thankfully some of the extra photoetch I have has multiple pieces speaking of tweezers I may need some new ones after this project Tim
  7. More work around the gunner and commanders station. I decided to remove the molded in wiring. Also worked on the sidewall components. Most are not glued in yet as I am still working on the wiring. You can see some of the wiring starting at the bottom of the picture. Added details to the bottom of the turret control box. You can see the connections on the actual photo. Also added detail to the manual traverse handle. that is it for the week. Not as productive as I would like to have been. Tim
  8. More work this week. Finished the hydraulic lines around the traverse mechanism. I was not sure where the cable from the manual firing pedal went to, so I decided to put the gun mount together and maybe I could find where it leads to (I think I found it). Pictures are of the gun mount assembled as well as the underside and with parts disassembled for easy painting. Added a plate at the bottom of the counter weights to the recoil guards as the actual photos show this. It is a good thing as the bottom of the counter weights was not pretty. Added detail to the telescope. That is it for this week. Tim
  9. Amazing work. Watching closely at the rigging. Hoping to learn a few things. Tim
  10. I have one book, History of the American Medium Tank, more importantly the M4A3 Medium Tank Technical Manual TM 9-759 along with about a ream worth of print outs from the internet. The Technical manual has the most from wiring to fuel line Restoration of tanks are good references. Tim
  11. I got one of the last wing nut wings from Andy’s Hobby Headquarters last October. I have never built one and I am looking forward to it. Tim
  12. Thank you for the encouragement. Not much work today and tomorrow afternoon. Taking my son out to dinner for his 21st birthday. I might get a little more done Sunday night. Fingers crossed. Tim
  13. A few more things added to the turret interior. Finished the wiring in the back. Added the commanders seat and the loader seat. Add the pin and chain for the securing of the seat. Added attachment points for more cabling to the traverse mechanism and finally the latches on the ready ammo storage. There is also one on the other side. The one thing I am trying to figure out is the cabling from the manual firing pedal (pedal is located on the left corner of the turret floor and has a hole drilled on top) where in the bottom of the gun does it go to. I cannot find a good picture of it. I will keep searching. Tim
  14. That is one large kit. Looking forward to how this comes together. Tim
  15. Looking great! I like the subject. I want to try a 1/72 submarine one day. Keep the photos coming. Tim
  16. More work on the turret interior this week. Put the turret together. Adding some bolts to the seat base. Wiring to the radio terminal box with additional wiring to come. The bottom of the turret just did not look good as it can be removed to see the interior, and the bottom of the turret floor will be visible. Removed the molded in portion of the collector ring, added a scratch built ring, put a new floor for the bottom of the 6 round ammo storage, filled in the open portion below the gun firing box and added wiring to the new collector ring. The actual photo of the collector ring box and attached wiring shows how the wiring is connected. Even though this is the interior of an M26 this type of collector ring was also used in the M4A3. That is it for now. Tim
  17. The painting is amazing. The prop is just stunning. Great work! Tim
  18. Small update. Created a stand for the turret so as I attach the basket it will not roll all over. Also started the wiring. Tim
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