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  1. I use an ultra fine razor saw from zona...and some Busch dental circular saws that are .1mm thick, on a dremel...
  2. Brilliant progress... Is there a page to follow the renovation of the full size one?
  3. Epic...way above my abilities..but i love this kind of building...
  4. Thank you...thats one confirmed... Following all the Spey conversions with much interest...all brilliant modelling!
  5. Saying that.. i would love to see the photo you have of the can and tape measure... the 'offset dia' shown in the notes ( this is the section that joins the main engine to the afterburner is approx 44" that would make the end of the can nearest the engine larger than the 39" outlet as can be seen when looking at the cans... im trying to get accurate dims....
  6. According to the RR Spey 201 course notes the Afterburner dia is 37" so im guessing the cans would be about right at 39"
  7. Hi Tim.. Been following this project since i first saw the turrets on the other forum. Sadly i couldn't comment over there as i'm not a subscriber.....but by happenstance came across you on this forum...so all good. Great work so far. You have probably forgotten more about engineering than i will ever know... Two things.... could you get a milling cutter ground to machine the node cut outs two at a time (back to back) instead of a grinding jig?.. Also, have you had a look at continuous guttering forming. These guys have a machine that they carry on the back of a van and form guttering out of aluminium from a roll. Obviously the machine would be unsuitable...but perhaps the process might bear thinking about?... Anyway, enough of me blabbering on about things i plainly know nothing about...Keep Safe
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