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  1. Great review, excellent pics... Those battened double flying wires are going to be an interesting challenge...
  2. Bertl your Alby tank is utterly amazing, but are you aware that the WNW tank is not the correct shape? The true shape is taller and thinner...
  3. It's available for $16 dollars and change, in-app purchase in free AFV Modeller App (iOS) (Note: not Air Modeller Magazine app). No shipping Looks great on iPad...
  4. Well it is volume 1 ... And as Dave mentioned, it is still available digitally, really every bit as good as the paper version imo and cheaper too.
  5. aaaaaahhhhhhhh that is what that stuff is for! doh. Not that expensive considering 30" ought to be a lifetime supply?
  6. Jose, thank you. Bertl, as you may know your work was my inspiration to re-enter this hobby with this build 18 months ago. You have given me encouragement from the get go, generously shared bits & knowledge etc and never seemed to resent me following (however oafishly) in your path of "gonzo" modelling. So back at you You are #1.
  7. The trick to drilling tiny holes (for me) is to carefully support the workpiece. Bertl, you are the master. The seat belt latches in the second photo are the epitome of perfection. Easily would pass for a photo of the real thing. I detailed my air pump: blissfully unaware/ignorant of what you had done, I concentrated on the shape of the pump body. I should have spent more time on the bleed valve; mine is a clumsy approximation & hopelessly overscale:
  8. Hi joe, thanks! it's the kit prop painted -- usual technique (colored pencils over painted base).
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