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1:32 P80B "262 Killer"

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Czech Model 1:32 F80C conversion to P80B

What if the war in Europe continued and it's late summer 1945?  This is a fantasy build considering the adjusted history giving the first jets to slug it out over the skies of Europe late summer 1945.

August 1945 The War In Europe Continues
•    Normandy beach breakout stalled due to 21 Panzer holding advance for several weeks
•    Operation Bodenplatte took place on original planned date of 16 December 1944 and enjoyed a high success rate therefore impacting allied air superiority for several months, no more Natural Metal Finish (NMF) on topsides for all allied aircraft
•    Germany's Me262 (world's first operational jet) entered full operational status by late 1944 as a fighter
•    The Ardennes Offensive held allied advance well into late February

March 1945, allied bombing was suffering significant losses from the Me262. After solving engine issues, the P80B is placed into operational status as bomber escort by late May 1945.




56th FG, 62nd FS, A Group “Platform”  
Advanced Landing Ground (ALG)
Laon-Athies Air Base A-69, France - August 1945


Czech Model 1:32 F80C


AIRBRUSH - Iwata Eclipse HP-CS (primer, Alclad, wash) & Harder Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2 n 1 (camo upper surfaces)
PAINTPrimer: Alclad Grey;  Upper: Vallejo Dark Green, Ocean Grey;  Lower: Alclad II Airframe Aluminum base, Aluminum, Dark Aluminum, Dura Aluminum, Semi Matte Aluminum; Code & Serial Number: Tamiya Yellow; Nose: Tamiya Red 

WEATHERING – Flory Wash, MIG Wash, MIG Pigments, Thinned Black/Brown wash

VARNISH - Alclad II: Klear Kote Semi-Matte
AFTER MARKET – True Details: Wheel Wells;  AMS: Cockpit;  Eduard: Masks;  Scale Precision Masks: Code, Serial Number, Speed Brake Number


WIP Link:  Facebook Bezoula Builds



Converting an P/F80C to a P80B required some minor adjustments, scrap parts and some scratch building














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Great work...was it not too hard to build it???


Well done cheers FRANCK.

depends how one defines hard.  looking at it from 30,000 feet it was not too difficult.  it was an ill fitting kit so lots of putty, ingeniuty needed.  generally a fun build.  if every kit fit like Tamiya then everyone would be a modeller.

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