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Ta152H-1 "The Cockpit" Slipstream Edition


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“The Cockpit” Slipstream Edition

Zoukei-Mura Super Wing Series #SP2

Available Volks Japan, Europe/Asia/Africa stores, Volks US and Sprue Brothers

Approx price: Yen¥10,290 GBP£70.96 EUR€83.99 USD$108.00





In mid 2010 Zoukei-Mura introduced it’s second “Super Wing Series” kit following its successful J7W1 Shiden.  With much anticipation the Focke Wulf Ta152H-1 was released to the delight of modeling enthusiasts.


Like it’s predecessor the Ta512 was unmatched detail and build flexibility made this kit very popular.  I picked up my kit sometime in late 2011.  As soon as I opened the box and drooled over the sprues, instructions and The Concept Note I was online to purchase another Ta152 to build splayed open.  To my chagrin the US supplier Volks USA sold out of the Ta152.  I searched eBay and there were plenty of ZM Ta152’s out there at a price I was unwilling to pay.


Early this year ZM released its second version of it’s Ta152 in a different and unique format. 




In collaboration with Japanese comic artist Leiji Matsumoto's "The Cockpit" Zoukei-Mura released it's second edition of the Ta152 modeled after this anime trilogy.  “The Cockpit” is a World War II trilogy anime based on Leiji Matsumoto’s “Battlefield” anime. 


Three anime shorts are “Slipstream” which follows a Luftwaffe pilot on a mission to protect Germany’s atomic bomb.  “Sonic Boom Squadron” follows the last hours of an Ohka pilot and the “Knight Of The Iron Dragon” focuses on 2 Japanese soldiers who keep a promise during the conflict at Leyte.






The following links show “The Cockpit” anime featuring the Ta152 “Slipstream” short.  Apologizes for being broken down into 3 links.  This is the only English sub-title available.


The Cockpit “Slipstream” 1/3

The Cockpit “Slipstream” 2/3

The Cockpit “Slipstream” 3/3






The very clear instruction booklet is styled like the Ta152 H-1 Flight Manual.  A comlete set of decals for “The Cockpit’s Slipstream” star Haptm. Erhard von Reinders plane are printed by Cartograf as well as the full decal sheet which appeared in the original release of Zoukei-Mura Super Wing Series Ta152 so you can build as a Ta152 in lieu of  the “Slipstream” edition








The only difference in the molding of this kit is the fuselage sprue is molded in black as compared to original release of grey.  Otherwise all sprues are manufactured identical to original release.




The "Cockpit Edition" canopy is bagged and wrapped in protective foam.








A beautiful highly detailed 300L Drop Tank is included.  Historically it is not known if a 300L Drop Tank was ever used on a Ta152.  However, in “Slipstream” von Reinders plane is equipped with a drop tank.


The Drop Tank is molded in black complete with clear instructions and is complete with detailed attach points and fuel lines.  You also have a choice of 3 Tail Cones. 


This brings me to speculation of a future Zoukei-Mura Luftwaffe Super Wing Series release?  Perhaps a FW190?




Haptm. Erhard von Reinders is a disgraced German fighter pilot who is given another chance to redeem himself. Given a new Ta152 to fly.  Reinders is assigned to escort a captured American B-17 and its precious cargo, an atomic bomb.  


A seemly simple task at first, was soon complicated by the fact that also aboard this plane was the scientist who helped engineer the bomb, as well as his daughter, von Reinders’ childhood friend. Not wanting to see the weapon used, she pleaded that von Reinders allow the plane to be shot down and allow her and her father to go down with it.






Haptm. Erhard von Reinders pilot figure is offered as an additional purchase to make your anime build complete.






Detailed paint instructions for von Reinders Ta152 are included with clear callouts and decal placement.








2 sets of complete decal sheets for either von Reinders Ta152 and Standard Luftwaffe Ta152 versions.  Decals are printed by Cartograf and appear opaque, relatively thin and passing the braille test.




For those waiting for a second release of Zoukei-Mura’s Ta152H here is your chance to pick one up.  Do not let the anime version scare you away.  It’s the exact kit released in 2010.  Or if you have an interest in anime then this is truly an interest version for you display shelf.


As with all Zoukei-Mura’s Super Wing Series building this OOB will yield a highly detailed rendering of this beautiful plane.  However, there are plenty of AM offerings such as PE interior, turned brass guns and many figures from Zoukei-Mura on the Volks website.


I picked this one up and will use as an “open” display to sit next to my buttoned up Ta152.


Also available is a very nice selection of pilot and ground crew figures.  See Volks US  and Volks Japan


Kit courtesy of my wallet.


Very highly recommended.


Rick Kranias

Facebook Link:  Bezoula Builds

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Fantastic review!


Believe it or not, this exact kit arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.  Figured I would build this one then maybe sell the original edition I have.  Curious to see how the black plastic behaves, but also excited as the black styrene should make pre-shading redundant.


Really looking forward to diving into this kit!

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