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I really enjoyed this!!


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For some fun on my days off I decided to watch this:




I watched the entire first season over a couple of days and I had an absolute ball!! ... as is usual with any anime/animation there are plenty of references that only adults or enthusiasts will understand ... The show was a cult hit in Japan and the marketing has been phenominal!!


I found out about it when one of the latest of the local junior model 'junkies' a 9 yr old girl across the way ... started building the 1/35 Pz.IV. Ausf.D that you can get ... she wants to build the others as well.


Rog :)

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At least they don't have thrusters on their legs like the Strike Witches.


Erm... You do know you're not supposed to watch it for the tanks Rog, right? :blink:




lol Steve ... I watched it for entertainment, what else? ... I thought it was good clean fun!

But what surprised me was the knowledge of and accuracy of the various panzers (all tanks) and panzerkraft (albiet in a basic way) ...

The funny references to different cultures, historical battles and millitary figures was an added bonus!



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