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J. Rutman/Grey Matter Fw 190D-13 Conv. Set question


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You have it right Mike,


The resin piece you have circled is the firewall, which on the D-13 is missing the ammo cases that are present on the D-9 and A series aircraft. The cut-out pieces go towards the front, they are the fuel filters which sit inside small recessed boxes. There should also be a rectangular opening at the face of the firewall, for the cannon to insert into, or at least abutt against. There should also be a representation of this cannon inside the cockpit, which to my knowledge is not included in either the Grey Matter or Renaissance correction sets, but which are available through Aires or other aftermarket suppliers.




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Funny. although the fuel filters are present in the picture of the part, they're not actually on the part.  Just a some riveted panels.  Probably nearly impossible to see once it's installed anyways.

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