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Tamiya RCAF P-51D

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The Kit.





The aftermarket. LEM Decals, Isracast rocket stubs, Barracuda cockpit sidewalls and radio/battery gear, Grey Matter tyres and uncuffed props, HGW belts.




Not sure on the cockpit equipment this one would have featured, probably going to follow a mix of option A and B from the Tamiya instructions unless anyone can point me in a different more correct direction.

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Ok, so just a bit of photographic evidence that I do build sometimes. 


The Instrument panel, kit panel with Barracuda decals, went a little wavy with me after application of mr softer and drying, but not largely noticeable. I think the clear insert for the rear is a little thick and can sometimes give a Coke bottle effect to the dial decals so rather than attempt to sand the kit part down I used it as a template on some thin clear plasticard. I ended up with a rough copy which I then dipped in Future/Klear. Result is ok, I'll take a pic once its all dry and put together.





Next up is the cockpit floor, with seat and then the batteries on the fuel tank. Not a great photo but then theres not a whole lot to see as the cockpit of these Canadian Mustangs were an all black affair. I found this a bit of a challenge as I didnt want it all one colour, or rather, one shade of one colour so the Fuel tank is Tamiya Rubber black, the floor is Vallejo Nato Black dry brushed with Neutral Grey. Dont feel it shows well in the photos, yet something else I need to learn about modelling is the taking photos bit. Added to the seat were the shock absorbing springs on the rear mounting points, done with lead wire.


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More proof that I'm still plugging away on this than anything really. Joined the fuselage together, dont think I'd quite sanded enough off the width of the cockpit foor enough to allow for the Barracuda sidewalls. Thought I had when I dry fitted everything, but this was before priming, painting and flatting so maybe those accumulated layers were enough to throw it out slightly. only found out I needed to sand anything by accident anyway, could have done with a note in the Barracuda instructions. Found an article on his blog by accident whilst looking for something else. So the fuselage joining took a bit more pressure than normal. Once Dry I thought I'd better test fit the wings and yeah the fuselage was just that little bit too wide at the wing join to make it a nice easy drop in. Fuselage floor was well and truly super glued in place so nothing I could do but sand a little here and there around the wings and fuselage. So once I had a nice fit of the wings to fuse I thought I'd better throw some glue in there right away because I didnt fancy trying to get it all lined up again nicely twice. So this is currently where I'm at. Gear bay is Vallejo Zinc Chromate Green, the wrong choice I feel, only found my jar of Gunze Bronze Green after painting. I've had no joy stripping Vallejo model air, I get a gooey gunky melted rubber mess when I've tried in the past and didnt fancy spraying Gunze over the Vallejo, it'd change the tone for a start and I didnt want to lose detail so stuck with the Vallejo Green. Then do you think I could get it to flat? Tried all the flats and mattes I have on some scrap and all ended up slightly glossy. So all these minor set backs left me just staring at the kit for a week or so wondering whether to carry on or not. So heres some pics. Next up is figuring the placement of the rocket launch stubs strengthening plate and some fuselage cleaning up. Canopy and windscreen have been Kleared and are drying. Not far off from paint then hopefully.









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