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1:32 Fokker D.VII Super Detail Set

James H

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1:32 Fokker D.VII Super Detail Set

Catalogue # 132112
Available from HGW for 929,- Kč (approx £30)





There is no doubt in my mind that Wingnut Wings' Fokker D.VII kits are among the very best in what is already an amazing range of kits. The models themselves are addictive to build. I'm building two of them as I write this review. Built OOB, the D.VII kits are simply stunning, but of course, you can always improve upon them and add detail which suggest themselves in their own manual, such as bracing wires etc. HGW's comprehensive new release take a serious look at the D.VII and throws more etch at you than you'll know what to do with!




The parts in this set are available separately from HGW. The breakdown of the Fokker D.VII Super Detail Set is as follows:

  • 132516, Fokker D.VII seatbelts – laser
  • 132101, Fokker D.VII interior
  • 132102, Fokker D.VII surface details
  • 132023, Mercedes D.IIIa engine
  • 132073, Spandau
  • 632020, Fokker D.VII mask

As this set consists of the above, in a single package, we'll take a look at each set individually.


132516, Fokker D.VII seatbelts – laser




This set consists of a single sheet of microfibre textile parts containing eight parts, and a small photo etch fret with 10 parts. The textile sheets is laser cut, so you only need to snip the narrow tags to free the parts. This is a vast improvement over the previous releases where you needed to cut the parts out entirely. If this wasn't done accurately, then the strap could be too wide for the buckle. No such problem here! The parts are colour printed, with a pleasing darkening of the edges where the heat has slightly affected the colour. Instant weathering! Stitching is also laser engraved.




The PE parts, produced by Eduard, are excellent, with narrow tags to remove them from the fret. An instruction card is supplied which shows the belt construction in pictorial form, with textile and etch parts being designated a different colour. To make your belt set, you need to scrunch the parts up and then straighten them out. Now you can make them lie naturally. It's suggested you add a little varnish to them and then a wash which will help weather them and bring out the extra detail. I've used these on my current Fokker D.VII. These are my results.


132101, Fokker D.VII interior




I'm a sucker for interior detail. For me, I simply have to get this right before I can continue, or I lose impetus. HGW seem to know what it's like for those of us afflicted with this problem. Their interior detail set comes on a single Eduard-produced fret measuring approximately 65mm x 35mm, and containing 25 parts. The interior of the D.VII kit is already bursting with detail, so what's provided here just refined the moulded detail, and also adds what WNW suggest too, such as the interior frame cross bracing wires.


Depending on which Fokker kit you build (OAW, Fok, Alb) determines which instrument panel you'll fit. This set provides an amount of bezel and selector switch detail which can be fitted to most of the WNW range of kits. The fuel tank gauge which protrudes through the upper cowl is also to be fitted with a bezel. Take care to ensure you align this properly so you can fit the gauge cowl afterwards. Other cockpit instruments which are fitted to the forward corner tubes are also kitted out with bezel detail. This is the only real thing, instrument-wise, that the D.VII range really lacks in terms of detail. You will need to remove the narrow rim from the forward instrument face.



Detail item built by Jeroen Peters, Large Scale Modeller


Internally, we are also supplied with throttle levers, replacement foot pedal hoops, control cable attachment points for the rudder pedal assembly, and a compass face detail, etc. As I said, the kit interior is already brimming with detail, so these parts will just add the icing. Remember to add a couple of control cables from the throttle too. These aren't shown on this set, or in the WNW booklet.

To see this model built by Jeroen Peters on Large Scale Modeller, using this set, click THIS link.


132102, Fokker D.VII surface details


The surface detail sets are always the ones I'm at odds with. The WNW moulded detail is crisp already, and what this set calls for is the removal of that detail in order to replace with a PE part. The fret measure 130mm x 35mm, and contains around 110 parts. There is a difference to the legitimacy of this surface detail set, however. Not all parts on this are to replace kit detail. Some parts are additional surface detail, whilst others aren't strictly surface detail at all!




The D.VII's numerous cowl combinations can lead the modeller into a nighmare. This set provides a number of replacement access port parts which of course can also be used to add to those already given, depending upon the specific permutation. You may want to remove the plastic detail and pose these panels open, instead of leaving off whole side cowl panels. The options are many.

HGW have provided a length of lacing too, for the fuselage underside. This is thinner than the kit part, and certainly looks more authentic. A very nice touch indeed. For the fuselage, there are control cable grommets and wing spar bolting plates. For the tail, we have rigging turnbuckles, and control cable pulley detail. For the wings we have replacement walkways, and extra access port plates, with a choice of two different types. There are a number of other access ports and strut hard point plates too.


The undercarriage bracing wires have turnbuckles too, whilst the wheels themselves have laced access points for the hubs. Just check your machine references though.


Lastly, other detail includes prop hub plate parts, and some anemometer detail. Instructions are also by Eduard, and are both clear and concise, with use of coloured ink on their drawings, helping to define what is required.


132023, Mercedes D.IIIa engine




This set obviously caters to all D.VII kits with the exception of the D.VII F, which was powered by a BMW engine. The detail supplied on this single, small fret, contains magneto straps, crankcase data plates and engine shaft flange, as well as throttle control linkage and coolant pipe straps. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without ignition wires and magneto wiring harness. All are included here, on a high quality fret made my Eduard. If you are perhaps a little too wary of the flat etched wires, try bushing some white glue/water onto them when installed. This should beef them up quite nicely, yet still retaining their narrow profile.


132073, Spandau




WNW already supply two MG options in their kit. You can choose the all plastic Spandaus, or those where you need to add the photo etch, rolled cooling jackets. So why do HGW supply this as a set? Whilst the WNW parts are extremely good, these are perhaps a tad more refined. The sighting reticule is also positioned off-centre, as opposed to centered. Check your references. Other PE parts for the Spandau include the cocking lever, v-notch sight, brackets and end plate, although the latter wouldn't normally be fitted due to the padding employed in this area on the D.VII.


This small, eduard-produced fret measures around 50mm x 30mm and contains around 20 parts. Production quality is excellent. A small card insert shows the construction of the Spandau guns. Nothing here is too taxing, although you will need to conduct the smallest amount of surgery to remove moulded detail.


632020, Fokker D.VII mask




This mask set is sharply die-cut from Kabuki material. It includes parts for masking wheel hubs, windscreen options (interior and exterior), and also the prop hub. As a bonus, HGW have included a small sample of their transparent base linen decal. Perhaps not a very good choice for a lozenge fabric D.VII, but I'm sure you'll find a use on one of your other kits.




I'm very pleased that HGW have included extra detail in the Surface Detail aspect of this kit. That really is a massive bonus. The individual sets themselves are high quality and will most certainly add that extra sparkle to the superb WNW Fokker D.VII kit. The inclusion of them all in a set with a reduced cost, must surely push you to now go for one of these sets to compliment your work. Definitely a great set, and one I expect will be a top seller for HGW.


Very highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to HGW for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.



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