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Spitfire de havilland prop - any aftermarket out there?


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just musing on some Vb Trop options from the Brian Cauchi book i reviewed 




and it got me thinking, are there any de havilland prop / spinner combos available in resin?


the Hobbyboss Vb Trop comes with the thicker Rotol props...


I have a Neville Duke EJ220 / QJ-R question as a follow up, but that's for another time I guess...





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Hello Nick:  I used the GMF Hurri set for the Hobby Boss Vb Trop build earlier in the year.  Unfortunately the GMF backing plate was smaller in diameter than the nose so the GFC spinner was epoxied to a Hasegawa Mk.I backing plate - which was larger in diameter than the nose, so needed sanding down to match the nose.  The prop blades needed some Mr Surfacer repairs as some of the resin had flaked off.  Good luck with the project.  Cheers, Ralph.

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I bought the old Hasegawa Mk Vb and took the spinner, prop and front windscreen from that. The back plate of the spinner is slightly bigger than the hobby boss kit, but that should be fairly easy to fix. The good thing is the Hasegawa kit has both internal and externally armoured windscreen and both types of prop/spinner, so you can still build a complete kit even after scavenging some parts.

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thanks again


i must say the quality of photos on both MDC and especially Grey Matter Figures is pretty mediocre, bordering on poor


how can i be expected to order stuff if i can't see it?


having heard Ralph's comment about dodgy casting, that has put me off full stop


if Roy Sutherland can cast stuff properly, then clearly it IS possible!


I can see me waiting for a Mk.V upgrade to the (not yet out) Revell Spitfire at this rate!




(now sniffing for an ancient Hasegawa Spitfire - unbelievable!)

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The pictures are terrible, and the Rotol Spinner they also do looks more like a DeHavilland one to me.


Worth asking on here if anyone has a spare from the Hasegawa kit. The rare MkII boxing they did which is also the most recent includes all the parts from the various issues they did. I'd cast you a copy of mine if I knew how.

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