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1:32 Sopwith Snipe 'Super Detail Sets'

James H

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1:32 Sopwith Snipe 'Super Detail Sets'

Catalogue & Price: See article
Available directly from HGW





HGW have now turned their attention to the two Wingnut Wing Sopwith Snipe kits, with Super Detail Set releases for both 'early' and 'late' versions. Whilst both sets are almost identical, the one item that does separate them in terms of 'difference' is the seatbelt set. These were very dissimilar. Let's take a look at the standard set parts, and what they add/replace, then look at those belt sets.



Each set is packaged into a re-sealable clear wallet, with a rather attractive HGW artwork cover onto which the separate detail sets are attached with low-tack adhesive. The pack is protected further by a very stiff card insert. At the rear of the wallet are the various instruction sheets and cards for the separate sets.


The most obvious part of each set, and identical in each one, is the large, nickel-finish photo etch fret. This contains both interior and exterior detail parts. Measuring approximately 70mm x 70mm, there are around 145 parts here, and some are very small, with many multiples of the same part, for things such as engine ignition wires (two per cylinder!), and rigging attachment anchor points.




The quite diminutive Snipe kit already has an incredible amount of detail moulded out-of-box. Check our Early and Late reviews via these links. HGW though has thought these releases through particularly well, and added extra and refined detail just where it is required.

Internally, the cockpit has a number of PE instrument panel upgrades. Some plastic detail will of course have to be removed in order to fit the new bezels etc, but this is minimal. New PE rudder pedal foot straps are supplied to replace the plastic moulded ones too. These exhibit some superb buckle and fastener detail. Rudder pedal linkages are also included, as are one piece cross bracing wires for the cockpit interior framework. The fuel tank forward face also gets some cosmetic treatment, with a detailed fascia that will also hide the join line on these parts.






The Snipe's Bentley BR2 rotary engine is the recipient of a reasonable amount of detail too, with those ignition leads, data plate, and rocker head parts which locate to the kits own pushrod assembly. Parts have also been included for the propeller hub. Again, a certain amount of detail will need to be expunged from the plastic before you can fit a number of these parts.


Other parts on this fret include 'leather' grommets for control cable outlets, access panel detail and of course those numerous rigging points. The PE fret is duperbly made by Eduard, and the detail is as sharp and crisp as you would expect it to be. Tags are also minimal, meaning easy part removal. Just don't lose any to the carpet monster!


There is a double-sided A5 sheet which clearly explains part location using Eduard's own system of illustration. Nothing at all looks difficult here, with everything being clearly defined in different colour inks.






A small mask set is included in both releases, again identical. Masks are given for the prop hub, prop blades and wheel hubs. A small number of access panel masks are also included. This set is sharply die-cut onto the popular Kabuki take material, and you shouldn't expect to encounter any issues with these as a detailed instruction card is given, with each part mapped and explained.




Each set contains a set of microfibre parts for the seatbelts. Printed in full colour, these are different, depending on which Snipe you are building. The Early belts are very typically a lab belt affair, consisting of seven microfibre parts, and a single, small fret of photo etch, containing just 3 parts. The Late Snipe also has a single sheet of microfibre parts, but these build up to create both a lap belt and shoulder harness system. The lap belts are also a different style to those in the Early machine. There are a total of six belt parts in this set, with TWO photo etch frets containing fifteen parts, such as eyelet straps, buckles and clasps. Colour printing of the textile parts is superb, with the local laser cutting heat producing a nicely subtle shaded edge to the parts. The strap stitching is also laser engraved. The parts are also connected to the sheet with small tags.




To use these textile parts, you need to screw them up between your finger, then unravel them so they drape naturally. You can add washes to these which will help to define that stitching. An instruction card is included which is easy to follow and defines both textile and PE parts in different colours, as not to get confused with the part numbering system.


Each set also includes a decal 'tester'. In the Early set, the tester decal is for linen, whilst the Late set has a wood decal. Both are produced on a clear carrier film, which means you will need to prepare your surface with a base colour before you add these. Instructions are carried for these on a sticker on the rear of the packet.






Again, HGW deliver with two very nice sets aimed for the superb WNW releases. Whereas in some HGW sets, you might question the validity of some parts, those in this set seem to designed to make your experience as simple as possible, yet adding a very reasonable amount of extra detail to your masterpiece. Pricing is also very competitive, and the inclusion of tester decals is a nice touch, and no doubt you'll find an area on your project in which to use these.


Highly recommended


James H


My sincere thanks to HGW for the review samples used here. To purchase directly, click the links in the article.



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