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Anybody want to buy a Wildcat?


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As complete as you might expect a recovered Wildcat can be I would think. The wings are underneeth the fuselage, smaller parts an be made or sourced and it does say it comes with other spares. It's a good price too for that package and I have a friend who restors airworthy warbirds....I'll have to wait and see how much my loaded grandmother has left me in her will and hope my greedy aunt doesn't clean her out before she carks it.

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Argh! This drives me insane! They obviously took their measurements from the -3 variant in Lake Ontario as the cowl is all wrong. Even the most basic level of research would have shown this. Why don't they get on the forums and ask us before releasing these kits that can now only generously be considered tripe! I may buy one if it's like $10, but I'll only build it to be ironic.





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