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HP 0/400 Bloody Paralyser


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To kick off this new forum I have a question that's been nagging me for some time.

With the many new offerings by Wingnuts these past few years, no HP 0/400 has surfaced

yet. Any chance it will join the list?



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Welcome to this new forum!! :)

I also been nagging just the same question for some years now... but I really do not know if it will join the list...

Maybe if they are out there a huge fans that want the HP0/400, maybe Wnw know about it and put it on the list! :)

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There was a rumour about an O/400 a couple of years ago, but those were mainly linked to a magazine deputy editor who may have been smoking dried mushrooms. 


I'd like to see this one in kit form, but I don't know if Cees would ;)

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