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 Granted I am here because of Lovett,and have told him privately how great this site is.Then it occurred to me that that is not entirely fair.Although quiet,I am a daily visitor,and love LOVE the site.Why? Because of you amazing and amazijngly skilled people.I get double vision on Jeroen and Jamme's{checked the medical dictionary for a Bertl),can't work out what Martin is going to "Hatch" next (something to natter about)?,and never Cees to love whatever Doogs gets up to........and that's mentioning but a few of you. Creators/Admins...........Bloody fantastic job.........THANK YOU.

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This is exactly what is going on in this site Rick.I am actually an expat Englishman,and had to  google the Royalaires!! The way prople are drawn together under the umbrella of a love of the plastic/resin/plastic stuff,just  makes me smile.I contacted Grant over in SP&R when I saw he was living where I had one of those expensive English educations.It turns out I have played golf in Rhodesia where he was a member,eaten at the same restaurants in Bermuda,and actually much more.Now it seems you have an affinity for Guelph. It's wonderful....may this site stay so friendly.Oh,by the way.....Hiya Rick!

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Thanks for your comments. It's warming to know that we are doing things properly here. It's been a bloody hard slog, and not without its hitches, but we are pleased with the outcome, and to know we are providing a resource that modellers are enjoying.

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