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Hi Guys!!


I got news, great news and a world premiere.


Directly from WnW HQ, I received from Richard Alexander an email with a beautiful box art of the Salmson 2-A2/Otsu(32038), that is expected to be released in the middle of December 2013. (he only bad news is for European fans, that can`t have it for Xmas).







I believe this is the first time that we, fans, see a box art before the kit release! J All here in WNWF!! J


I also got some others information/news that I would like to share with all of you.


The resin figures and the special editions will come out eventually, but WnW doesn`t have a timeframe for these.


The 32002 LVG C.VI and 32010 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 will not be re-released and will not be sold again.


Anyaway in the future WNW will release special edition versions of them which will contain resin figures, at less 10 decal schemes and 200-300 photo-etch detail parts.


The 32034 AEG G.IV will be released when WNW are completely happy with it and they don`t know say exactly when this will be.


I also asked Richard if WNW had plans to release a Fokker E.I late type and they say that, at this time do not have plans to release a late version of the Fokker E.1, the difference being the length of the wings and the aluminium side panels on the side of the fuselage, and the colour schemes.


And that`s all for now.




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Well, I must say --- not necessarily a model for me, but I know that many of us have long been waiting for.

................... I'm waiting for the Christmas surprise.......................Halberstadt CL.II?


Thanks to Francisco, by the way.




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Thanks for sharing Francisco, that is seriously good news. Keep us updated. Perhaps see if there are any test shot images to see?

James sprue photos are already in WNW site as the full build model...

Soon soon!!!!

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