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Few kits no one has mentioned yet at Telford

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Apart from the New AirfixTiffie, Had a good look at the HPH Me410 which is gorgeous and was on sale, also their Hornet was there built up and was also stunning.


Iconicair had a 1/32nd Supermarine Spiteful which looked very nice along with a new nose to correct the matchbox/Revell F22


Zokie Mura had their Horten229 there in a rough 3D printed testshot and a few bits of sprue, and also box art for the forthcoming Dornier 335


Truly a golden age for. 32nd modelling!!


How are we supposed to choose!

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If you really need to know, it's Zoukei Maru, that Japanese company that tends towards the 'exotic'.

I asked them for a British Phantom - I wouldn't mind either a FG.1 or a FGR.2 - and do you know he didn't laugh out loud!!

Love the stuff you are doing with WNW Pardelhas!


Steve S.

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Remember we have two 335s announced - well 3 in fact. Dragon from a few years back - they only showed us a wartime photo (I could announce one on that strength..), Zoukei Mura showed us the boxart so we have a little investment in the product and ZM don't announce and then forget/sideline. Finally, we had the HK announcement, they showed us CAD drawings....


So, the race is on. It'd be nice if the protagonists managed to give us different versions....  I'd like the trainer.



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