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Balkenkreuz replaced by Eisernes Kreuz.


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In the spring of 1918, the Balkenkreuz was replaced by the Eisernes Kreuz.
Often the Balkenkreuz was painted over with a similar shade of the base color .
In our case, WNW sets a light gray color.
The kit decal Balkenkreuze " before 1918 " are cut precisely along the black contour.
This is very important - so that the transparent carrier film is removed .

This carrier film would be otherwise painted and distort the outer contour.




Now, the decals are painted with a light gray color.



When the paint has dried, the edges and the contour of the rib tapes are shaded with Tamiya "Smoke".



Thereafter, the decals are applied to the correct position.
Here in this case I used some " softening "
Allow to dry and then fix it with gloss clear lacquer.
I use to always clear Tamiya paint .



When the paint has dried, the new Balkenkreuze be attached.
Then seal with clear lacquer and then weathering - done.



With this little trick, omitted taping and painting the old "Eisernes Kreuz".




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Bertl your woks is an inspiration for me and as Martin said we are so lucky to have you here, on LSM forum.


Thanks you so much for sharing your expertise!!


Kindest Reguards



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