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How do you "paint" wood-grain on plastic??


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If I am to start building WWI airplane kits, I see the need to be able to re-create "wood-grain" on plastic...........can anyone tell me the best way to do that??


Thanks for any tips & tricks...............Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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Hi Jim,


It's actually quite simple if you use the right materials. And cheap.

I use a base of acrylic light brown. Let it dry well. Then make some small dots with brown (burnt sienna) artist oils. Good quality oils.

And then start smearing a wide flat brush, slightly damp with rectified (non aggressive) terpentine until you reach the effect you're looking for.

Just try it on a test piece.

If something goes wrong, post it here and I'll see what's up!




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DOH!!!.............I was clear through "hints & tips" here AND on the "WnW" site, and didn't find either of those!!!

I really must be getting senile (lol) :huh: :huh: :wacko: :wacko:


Thanks for the tips guys, glad I found this!! Tried it a bit last night and it worked pretty good, at least at my skill level it will do what I want it to.


Jim J. -- "olfogey"


P.S. -- I apologize guys :(    (especially "Dave J.")    I went back and read the tutorial, and I must have read it at some point, because I posted a tip at the end about "makeup sponges".

Sometimes, "the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top" due to age & other factors.................I appreciate the tips and your patience :)     Jim J.

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