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Bf109 G-6 cockpit details


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Hi Large Scale Modellers - I would like to pick your collective brain.


I have a Trumpeter 1:24 Bf109 G-6 late on the bench and I'm really having a blast with this kit. Learning a LOT as I go. I'd like to give it that extra something.

Currently I'm putting together some custom decal designs for various projects (am I the only one who tends to have about 10 different builds going at once?) and while I'm happy with the kit scheme for the exterior for the G-6, I would like to add some extra detail to the cockpit; one thing I've noticed in particular is what looks like some kind of warning label on the central gun cover I've seen in some pictures - like this on Glenn Irvine's G-6 post:




What I was wondering was if anyone has some good information, images or even decal set scans of interior details like this for the G-6 that I could beg a digital copy of? Any cockpit detail shots in general would be pretty amazing, in fact, as I'll be having a go at scratch-building anything that seems like it deserves to be included.

I won't be directly copy-pasting anything if there's IP concerns, I'm constructing the decals in vector from scratch - and once I've finished, if any of the decal designs are useful to someone and they would like to get them printed themselves I'd be happy to share 'em. At the moment it is likely to be an A-4 sheet with RNZAF markings for a 1/48 Catalina, RNZAF 1/32 Skyhawk, a US Marines 1/32 Skyhawk, some 1/32 RAF Spitfire markings, and maybe some 1/32 RNZAF Corsair markings... I'd like to fill in some of that space with those tiny details that really make an interior pop.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks guys - I had been looking more for reference, since I'm going to have space on the custom decal sheet I'm working up anyway, but that Airscale stuff is looking pretty fantastic... maybe I'll have to give it a go, and let the custom decal printing planning steep a bit longer!

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Is there any reason that you want Decals for that scheme? That would be pretty easy to do in Paint Masks, and would be cheaper most likely too, compaired to a custom decal sheet.


Drop Joe an email at scale precision paint masks or even Mal at Miracle Masks...

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Hi Dave J - a fellow Wellingtonian!


I've never considered / really thought about masks for markings - I'm still very much a learner (jumped back into the habit as an adult), but it's definitely something I'll look into, particularly for things like big roundels on the Catalina, where a decal maybe won't be quite so weather-able?


So, for the G-6 I'm using the kit decals: I was after some cockpit detail shots to build some extra decals, things like little warning labels and the like - however after the helpful posts above I've thrown some money at Airscale to pretty up my cockpits.


I'm still pretty keen on the idea of putting together a sheet of custom decals for the other projects, particularly for smaller details, but big roundels and the like, I think I'll definitely try some masking.



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